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Installing the WalkMe Editor

  • Upgrade the WalkMe Editor

    Last Update December 2, 2018
    The new version of the WalkMe Editor is twice as fast and will let you build on different browsers! The...
  • Access Requirements for WalkMe

    Last Update February 21, 2019
    Required Domains for the WalkMe Editor and Insights The WalkMe Editor and WalkMe Insights are modules where you can manage your WalkMe...
  • Supported Browsers

    Last Update January 28, 2019
    Building with the WalkMe Editor Smart Walk-Thrus and other WalkMe items are created with the WalkMe Editor. Currently, you may...
  • Install the WalkMe Editor

    Last Update February 13, 2019
    The WalkMe Editor is used for building, managing, and publishing Smart Walk-Thrus and the other WalkMe Apps. The Editor is...