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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Manifest V3 Migration: Future of Browser Extensions

Last Updated April 24, 2024

Brief Overview

As web technologies continue to evolve, it's important for developers to keep up with new standards to ensure their applications are secure, private, and perform well. One important change in browser extensions is the transition to Manifest V3.

At WalkMe, we're leading the way in embracing this trend by migrating our editor and user extensions to Manifest V3. We're committed to complying with industry standards and keeping our customers informed throughout the process.

We're currently working to migrate eligible extensions, and we're actively communicating with customers who have specific settings that prevent silent updates from the backend. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

What is Manifest V3?

Manifest V3 is the newest specification for developing browser extensions, designed mainly for Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It brings in many changes and improvements compared to its predecessor, V2, with the goal of creating a more secure, efficient, and privacy-focused extension ecosystem.

If you're interested in getting into the technical details, the official documentation for Manifest V3 is available here.

Migration Process

Customers with pending action items will:

  1. Receive an email from their WalkMe contacts
  2. Get all necessary information and step-by-step instructions
  3. Be asked to confirm the change and schedule the migration of their extensions at a convenient time

What If You Don't Migrate?

Failing to migrate your extensions to Manifest V3 poses several risks, both for developers and users:

  1. Compatibility issues: Older extensions may not work properly with future browser updates, causing malfunctions or instability
  2. Security vulnerabilities: Manifest V3 introduces stricter security constraints and best practices to prevent security vulnerabilities. Not migrating could leave your extension open to exploitation, putting user data at risk.
  3. Performance degradation: Manifest V3 emphasizes performance optimization through features like service worker-based background pages. Extensions that stay on older manifest versions may experience reduced performance, impacting user experience.
  4. Loss of functionality: The most significant risk is the eventual loss of functionality. Extensions that are not upgraded to Manifest V3 may stop working in certain scenarios after June 2024.

Considering the risks and deadline, it's essential for us to prioritize the migration of extensions. By doing so, we can ensure that your WalkMe extensions remain compatible and functional for the long term. Additionally, we can contribute to a more secure and robust extension ecosystem, benefiting all users.

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