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Last Updated August 21, 2023

Brief Overview

WalkMe Assistant provides personalized recommendations to optimize your WalkMe content from the Assistant dashboard in the Console, accessible at console.walkme.com/assistant. You can use Assistant to instantly take action on recommendations across multiple systems at once. Some recommendations can be applied with the click of a button, and others will direct you to the relevant item in the Editor – this ensures better results, with less effort. 

After taking action on recommendations, you can then republish your content to complete the process. 


Users can view recommendations only for systems they have access to. 

Beta feature

The WalkMe Assistant dashboard and recommendations are currently in beta testing. Apply now to join the beta.

Recommendation types

The following recommendations are available:

Reselect Item

  • These items take a long time to appear on the page, either due to heavy jQuery or because they were captured with WalkMe’s legacy Element Recognition

Update Element Detection

  • These items take a long time to appear on the page due to a heavy jQuery selector

Update Element Behavior

  • These items are constantly being searched for due to their Element Behavior settings, which are not required for the content to appear for users

Review Item

  • These items never play for users because their elements can’t be found
  • We recommend that you archive them or reselect their elements

Review Item Conditions

  • These items never play for users because their conditions are always false
  • We recommend that you archive them or adjust their conditions.

Note: Highlighted recommendations can be applied with the click of a button across multiple systems without ever opening the Editor.

Recommendations Dashboard

In the Recommendations tab, you can find a list of personalized recommendations to optimize your WalkMe content, including those that are open, completed, and dismissed. 

Recommendations are always grouped by recommendation type and not by system, but you can filter by system using the search bar

Expand and collapse each recommendation type to see all of the recommendations.  

The following information will be shown for each recommendation in the dashboard:

  • Item name and type
  • System name
  • Production status
    • Published, draft, or archived
  • Recommendation added
    • The date WalkMe Assistant added the recommendation
  • Apply recommendation button
    • The action varies by recommendation type
    • After applying the recommendation, the button action will change to Publish Item 
  • Action buttons
    • Dismiss Recommendation → Moves the recommendation to the dismissed tab
    • Open in Editor → Opens the item in the Editor for you to review
    • Message → View and add comments for the Assistant team

Dismiss recommendations

If you don’t want to take action on a recommendation you can dismiss it and it will move to the Dismissed tab.

You’ll then have 30 days to restore it before it is deleted.

Apply recommendations 

You can view all of your open recommendations from the Open tab.

Applying a recommendation will vary depending on the type of recommendation. Not all recommendations can be managed only in the Console, for some you will need to open the item in the Editor to take action. 

The general process is outlined below:

  1. Select the items you want to apply recommendations for 
  2. Click the Action button, in this case “Update Element Detection”
  3. Click the Publish button to republish the content and settings
  4. You will be prompted to choose the publish environment and then click Publish Item

Editor notifications

  • You will receive notifications in the Editor you have a new recommendation available to review or a new message from the Assistant team 


The Editor notification will only appear when you are in the same system used to submit the ticket. In the console you can see all ticket information for all of your systems.

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