WalkMe Assistant: Tickets

Last Updated December 12, 2023

Brief Overview

The Assistant app in the Console, accessible at console.walkme.com/assistant, provides a central place to view and manage all of your Assistant tickets.

In the Tickets tab, you can manage all of your Assistant tickets, including those that are open, pending confirmation, and completed. 

You can also filter tickets by system and reporter using the search bar

Learn more about Assistant Tickets.


Users can view tickets only for systems they have access to. 

Get to Know and Use

Communications with Assistant Team 

In some cases, it may be necessary for the Assistant team to contact you if they need further information. You can message with them directly in the Console on your tickets and recommendations. 

Use cases

  • View any comments you added while reporting the ticket
  • Communicate with the Assistant team on your tickets directly within the product
  • Provide additional feedback before accepting solutions

How it works

  1. Click the message bubble to open a conversation
  2. Add a new message by clicking the + Add Message button

Editor Notifications

  • You will receive notifications in the Editor when a ticket status changes or you have a new message or recommendation from the Assistant team 

“Using WalkMe Assistant to submit and manage tickets is brilliant! I love that I can do it all through the Editor, and that I receive a notification to see the latest information. This is doing the admin work for me.”

Laura Dean, HRIT Digital Adoption and Training Lead, TUI Group


The Editor notification will only appear when you are in the same system used to submit the ticket. In the console you can see all ticket and recommendation information for all of your systems.

Ticket Confirmation

Before resolving an open Assistant ticket, tickets will move to the Pending Confirmation tab where you can indicate whether a solution worked or not. 

Pending Confirmation

  • “Pending Confirmation” status means the Assistant team has resolved the issue. You should accept or decline the solution. If declined, the ticket will be reopened.
  • There is no additional action required on the user’s side. Our team will reach out in case any clarifications are needed via the comments section.

  • Green check mark: Solution works
  • Red X: Solution didn’t work
  • Note

    Solutions can only be confirmed by the ticket creator.

    Once you accept a solution, the ticket will move to the Completed tab and you will be able to rate your experience using Assistant.

    If you reject a solution you will be asked to provide more information and the ticket will go back to the Open tab. 

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