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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Builder Assistant Q&A

Last Updated June 4, 2024

Brief Overview

We collected the most asked questions about the WalkMe Builder Assistant and put them together in this article to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.


Is Builder Assistant replacing WalkMe Insights?

No. Builder Assistant is a tool to provide recommendations and assist you with submitting issues. Insights enables you to see your data analytics and drill into it.

I have a big portfolio of custom systems, would Builder Assistant work for me?

Yes, Builder Assistant works for any DeepUI enabled system. If you're not seeing it, please reach out to your WalkMe contact, and we'll get DeepUI activated for you, along with the Assistant.

Can you provide the logic that determines the groupings in the Builder Assistant?

The recommendations are grouped according to its type. To learn more about the different recommendation types, click here.

Does BuilderAssistant display recommendations only for published builds, or for anything we develop in the testing phase as well?

The recommendations apply to published content in the production environment only.

Will Builder Assistant tickets and normal tickets be unified?

Consolidating Builder Assistant tickets and support cases is under consideration. For now, you can use a quick link to easily move between the Assistant and support portal.

Can I access the dashboard on the website or only through the editor app?

You can access the Builder Assistant app within the WalkMe Console via the following link: 

How do I know if I have access to Builder Assistant?

All systems should have the AssistMe button in the editor. If it's grayed out, your system may not be on DeepUI. Please Note: If the AssistMe button is ever inactive, please re-select the element and make sure to save your selection prior to using the AssistMe functionality. It may take a few minutes for the AssistMe to become active. This delay is expected as DeepUI optimizes in the background.

Can I filter by system?

Yes, you can type the system name in the search bar or use the column filter.

Does the Production Status column refer to the environment? Production vs test?

The Production Status column indicates the status of the publish for production environment: Whether it is published to production, not published, or published and updated.

After publishing optimized content in bulk from Console, is there a record of it, so we can validate the changes?

You'll see the item's production status changes in the Assistant app. You can first publish to the test environment or a custom environment of your selection, and check it in the editor.

Is there an option to publish to staging, or does it always publish directly to production?

You can first publish to the test environment or a custom environment of your selection and test it in the Editor.

We have been using WalkMe for many years, and a lot of content was created before DeepUI. Is it possible to have a recommendation for changing legacy content to DeepUI content?

In this case you'll probably be getting recommendations of types “items with performance heavy elements”, recommending to recapture for DeepUI.

In order to get the system to recognize potential recommendations to make things better with the builds we have created, you must create a ticket first?

You don't need to submit an Assistant ticket in order for recommendations to be created for you.

Is the Automatic setting a one-time evaluation, or is it evaluating on any frequency?

It keeps evaluation periodically to ensure you're always on the most optimal choice.

Are there permission controls where we can enable/disable bulk updates per user?

These are aligned with your editor permissions. You can only publish to systems you have publish permissions to. This also applies to bulk actions.

Is there a way to track what was changed in the bulk update?

Changes will display it in the Completed tab.

Bulk updates can be put into test environment, then the system builders can modify or test everything, and then publish to production at their own timeline?

Yes, exactly.

Can we have the ability to publish to all environments at once? Production, test, and others.

At the moment no, but we will look into this use case. Currently you can only publish to one environment at a time.

Our developers recently added new attributes to elements. Does automatic selection factor those attributes? We've been using jQuery.

DeepUI captures use the best attributes to ideally and optimally define the element for future identification. We can't address which attributes exactly are being used.

How can I confirm if I have DeepUI enabled or not?

Please reach out your WalkMe CSM for the assistance with this.

Once a Smart Walk-Thru is built and tested on the test environment and published to both environments, it would be great if Assistant would recognize that the content is published to multiple environments and prompt me if I want to publish any edits to all currently published environments.

At the time we're focused on production content, but this is certainly something that we can consider in the future.

Will the Automatic option work for Multi-language?

If you're on DeepUI and follow the work with Multi-language guidelines, yes, it would.

Is DeepUI able to identify elements better/stronger over time with my individual use of this tool, or is it based on the overall usage of DeepUI globally?

DeepUI is a learning mechanism, and it is learning from your use, but also from other similar applications running DeepUI. The more the use is, the higher the accuracy is.

Are you planning on launching Builder Assistant recommendations for the test environment at some point?

At the moment, we're focused on production content, but we may also extend this to additional environments in the future. Oftentimes, testing environments are different, so they aren't likely to produce the same recommendations as you'd get on production.

Is there a bias written into the Assistant against jQuery?

No. The Assistant won't call out any jQuery, just the ones that are evaluated as performance-heavy.

Could WalkMe Assistant have recommendations for steps not using DeepUI and have mass update to start using DeepUI for these steps?

No, it can only do so based on DeepUI. Our core DeepUI technology also captures critical technical information in real time, allowing our team to easily identify and troubleshoot issues.

What if I am using automatic element selection and the element grade is weak but I want to enhance it?

This means that your system is not on DeepUI. Please reach out to your WalkMe contact to get your system upgraded to DeepUI.

Is the AssistMe available on all WalkMe items?

Assistant is available for the following item types: Smart Walk-Thru steps, SmartTips, Launchers. Assistant doesn't support ShoutOuts or display conditions.

Can we use DeepUI right from the start without converting from jQuery?

Yes, any new system will be on DeepUI.

If we've got old content that was built with settings like visible on page load or appears and disappears - should we change those to Automatic?

You can switch to Automatic, though if it works properly with “visible on page load”, you can leave it as is.

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