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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Previewing WalkMe Content

Last Updated October 2, 2023


Multiple preview options allow you to view WalkMe content quickly. No need to preview your entire content all at once, you can choose from several options to view only what is needed at the moment.

Remember that items linked to other WalkMe items won't work if they're not previewed together (For example: having a Launcher that opens the Menu won't open the Menu if the Launcher is previewed by itself).

There are several options available to preview WalkMe content, which we will go over in the article below.

How It Works

Selective Preview

Select individual items that you want to preview. As you begin to select each item the screen will change and once you are ready you can click "Preview".

Additional Preview Options

There are 3 additional Preview options that can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the Preview icon:

  1. Quick Preview
  2. Multi-Language Preview
  3. Published Content Only

Quick Preview

This is the default option that will preview all WalkMe items in only the default language. It can be accessed two ways:

  1. By clicking the Preview icon without selecting any items
  2. By clicking the first "Preview" option from the list
Please note:

  • Using Quick Preview is not supported in custom CDN environments - Full Preview should be used instead
  • Attention Grabbers will not work with Quick Preview

Multi-Language Preview

Full Preview lets you preview all items with additional languages and the current saved settings.

Preview Published Content

Lets you preview all items that are published in the current Editor environment. To change the Environment, click on the name of the Environment in the Editor and all available options will display in a dropdown menu.

Tip Tuesday Videos

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