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Brief Overview

Insights Funnels help you understand your end-users’ paths to successfully completing your WalkMe Goals.

A Funnel is a pre-defined group of events that a user moves through on your website. Funnels are made up of individual Tracked Events arranged in sequential order.

Funnel analysis is an effective way to measure conversions on specific user behaviors, as well as to identify dropping points in a process or flow. Users complete a step in the Funnel if they complete the Tracked Event defined for that step of the Funnel. While users can take other actions between two Funnel steps, they will still move through the Funnel if they complete the Funnel steps in their pre-defined order. A user must complete all the steps of the Funnel, in their defined chronological order, within a single session to be considered as having completed the Funnel.

Insights collects Funnel Completion Rates (the percentage of users that enter a Funnel and complete all of its steps from first to last in sequence), and also collects users’ drop-off rates at each step of the Funnel. You can view these statistics in the Insights Funnels Page:

This Funnel report shows the three steps of a Funnel named “Checkout.”


If Session Playback is enabled on your account, you may further investigate drop-off points by viewing realistic re-creations of your users’ sessions with Session Playback.

Use Cases

Funnel use cases include the following:

  • Better understand why some users complete a process while others don’t;
  • Identify the user-type based saved filters that are most and least likely to complete a particular sequential process by comparing Funnel completion between different saved filters;
    • Pro-Tip: By default, Funnels are calculated for all users. You must create saved filters (and can do so wherever there is a filter drop-down menu in Insights) to be able to filter Funnels and compare saved filters.
  • Identify confusing areas in a process and optimize its flow to create a better user experience;
  • Observe Funnel results before creating your WalkMe solution; use this knowledge to create more targeted, accurate, and effective guidance;
  • Observe Funnel results after creating your WalkMe solution; compare to the before results to determine the effectiveness of your WalkMe solution.
  • WalkMe Engagement Analysis: 
    • Task Completion % include goal analysis
    • Shoutout Action clicks %

Funnels Page Breakdown

  1. Funnels Dropdown Menu
    • Select from all of your existing Funnels;
    • The data from the Funnel you select (filtered by any Saved Filter you select below) will populate the Funnel report.
  2. EDIT FUNNEL Button
    • Click here to edit or delete the Funnel you selected in the Funnel dropdown menu.
  3. + NEW FUNNEL Button
  4. Filters and Date Pickers
    • Filters —The filter drop-down contains every saved filter you’ve previously defined. The data shown on every report on this page relates to the chosen filter;
    • Date Picker — Likewise, the data shown on every report in this page relates to the chosen date range;
    • You can compare two saved filters here by selecting a filter on each side of the “vs.” text.
      • Pro-Tip: You can compare different saved filters over the same time period, or the same saved filter over different time periods.

Funnel Report

  • 5. Blue bar — Represents individual steps in the Funnel, and shows the percentage of users that completed the previous step who also completed this step;
    • If you click on a blue bar, you will see all sessions in which users completed the blue bar’s step and all previous steps in the Funnel.
  • 6. DROPPED icon — Shows the percentage of users that completed all previous steps in the Funnel but did not complete the next step;
    • If you click on a DROPPED icon, you will see all sessions in which users completed all previous Funnel steps but did not complete the next step.
  • 7. COMPLETION RATE — Shows the number and percentage of users who completed all steps in the Funnel and the average time it took them to complete it.

RELATIVELY LONG icon– an icon that indicates a relatively long step in the funnel, meaning: the longest step in the funnel + it is at least 50% longer than the avg step duration in that funnel:

Please Note:

For best performance results, funnels are limited to 5 steps! For analyzing more steps we recommend to break the funnel into 2. It is also possible to contact your WalkMe Account Manager for assistance with creating a custom report. 

Examples Of Funnel Processes

Some common processes you may choose to collect using Funnels include the following:

  • An onboarding process (Enter email address → Create password → Set preferences → Registration complete);
  • Conversion tracking of a purchase flow (View item → Add to cart → Checkout  → Enter payment information → Purchase complete);
  • Completion of a task (Visit reports page → Search for report → Run report → View report results → Export report);
  • Campaign effectiveness (View a campaign message → Click message action → Visit campaign page → Registration complete).

Funnel Data Availability

  • Funnels data updates daily at 9:00 AM (UTC). Funnels generated before this time will not include full data for the day before.
  • For accounts in WM Engagement Level with no Engaged Elements, funnels data populates only after the creation of the first funnel. 
  • For accounts in which Engaged Elements or Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) is enabled, funnels data is populated from the day Engaged Elements or Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) was enabled.

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