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Brief Overview

WalkMe Insights enables you to filter your reports by numerous data types, including general events, WalkMe Events, Tracked Events, analytics properties, and other captured data properties (e.g., browser, device, geo-location and user).

You can then use these data points to create and save filters, so you can reuse filter combinations along with any conditions and values you’ve added to the filter statements.

When you define a filter rule, all Page Reports will be recalculated to only show data related to the sessions matching the rules you’ve defined.

Filters are available in nearly every Insights page.

How it Works

Create re-usable saved filters tools based on session properties, events that occur in a session as well as Analytics Properties. (e.g., users using Chrome browser, Sessions in which purchases occurred, etc.).

Please Note:

The maximum available number of filters rules and conditions is 20.

To create a Saved Filter, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Filter dropdown;
    • By default, All sessions will be applied when no filters are selected.
  2. Click + NEW FILTER;
  3. Click + ADD RULE to begin adding rules to your filter. The rules apply instantly, so you will see your filter rules applied to the reports on the page as you add them;
    1. Choose a rule type from among the following:
      • EVENT — To filter by sessions in which certain events occurred or did not occur;
      • USER — To filter by sessions of specific users or user properties;
      • SESSION — To filter by sessions with specific properties such as the session referrer, duration or number of URL viewed in the session;
      • LOCATION — To filter by sessions with location type properties such as country;
      • DEVICE — To filter by sessions with device type properties such as the browser.
    2. Choose a property to filter by;
    3. Choose the filter operator (may vary according to the property chosen);
    4. Choose the value (may vary according to the property and chosen operator).
      • Pro-Tip: the rules added to any filter should be required to all be true for the condition to exist (i.e., use the AND relationship). 
  4. Enter a filter name;
  5. Click SAVE FILTER to reuse the filter whenever you wish;
  6. Click + ADD FILTER.

That’s it! The saved filter will appear in the Filters list at the top of the report page. Simply click one to apply it. Notice that once you’ve chosen a filter, it will apply on all the report-type pages you visit subsequently.


Saved filters are different from segments created using WalkMe Segmentation in the WalkMe Editor. Saved filters are used for analytics targeting and are available for filtering in all WalkMe Apps Pages.

You can create a new filter wherever you find a filter drop-down menu in Insights (e.g., the Overview page, or the Apps page). Notice that when filtering sessions in the Session Playback page, the date picker applies to the time the session ended (the last event in the session).

Filtering By Insights Tracking Data

The below table shows all the possible types of tracked data. Depending on which Insights tracking you have enabled, some of the below filters may not appear for you.

Category Sub Category
  • General Events
  • WalkMe Event
  • Tracked Events
  • User Name
  • Referrer
  • Session Duration
  • URL Count
  • Custom Analytics
  • Attributes (if enabled):
    • Name
    • Status
    • Type
    • Info
    • Role
  • City
  • Country
  • State/Region
  • IP Address
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Display Height
  • Display Width



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