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Session Idle Timeout

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Companies with strict security guidelines require simple and intuitive safeguards to reduce the likelihood that unauthorized users gain access to their WalkMe Editor accounts. WalkMe’s Session Timeout settings provides just such a safeguard, reducing risk without increasing complexity.

The Short Version

Session Timeout settings allows WalkMe administrators to configure WalkMe accounts to log out after a specific amount of inactive time.

Setting/Altering Your Timeout Settings

Only your Editor account’s admin can see and modify the Session Timeout settings. To do so, he/she should follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings button at the bottom menu in the WalkMe Editor:
  2. Click the Admin Settings button at the bottom-right of the Settings screen:
  3. Navigate to the Session Idle Timeout section of the Admin Settings screen, and change the settings according to your security policy/preferences:

The changes will take effect immediately in the Editor. For Analytics and Insights, the changes will take effect after the next time the user logs into the respective platform.

Session Expiry

Once a session expires, the user will be logged out of the following WalkMe products:

  • WalkMe Editor
  • WalkMe Analytics
  • WalkMe Insights


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