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Brief Overview

Solution Accelerators are prebuilt deployable templates addressing commonly implemented system platform processes within the Solutions Gallery. Solution Accelerators are optimized for system performance and maximum employee engagement.

Pick and choose comprehensive Accelerator Solutions from the Solution Gallery to easily customize for implementations on Workday, SalesForce Lightning, and Oracle HCM. Using System Solution Accelerators you can decrease time to go-live, effort, and resources required to scope, build and maintain commonly implemented system platform processes.

This feature is currently not available to EU users. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Use Cases

Enter the WalkMe Solutions Gallery to access and use pre-built Solution Accelerators that help launch your implementation with standardized deployable templates allowing you to speed up your WalkMe build process. 

Please Note: System Solution Accelerators are system-specific (Workday, Lightning, and Oracle HCM) Templates connected to the Elements Repository Feature within the Solutions Gallery.

How it works

To enable the use of this feature, special configurations need to be made to a user’s account. Please contact your WalkMe Account Manager to enable. 

  1. Once the feature is enabled, navigate to the WalkMe Solutions Gallery
  2. With the Solutions Gallery opened, click the “All Systems” dropdown  
  3. Select All Systems, Workday, Salesforce Lightning, or Oracle HCM to view the system-specific Solution Accelerators
  4. Hover over a Solution Accelerator

Hovering over a template’s example image will display information regarding the Solution Templates, use case, tags, and descriptions.

User can filter Templates by use cases, including:

  • All Use Cases
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Support
  • Conversion
  • Feature Adoption
  • Change Management

Users may also sort templates by usage parameters, including:

  • Featured
  • Most Popular
  • Recently Used
  • Newest
  • Alphabetically


Once a user clicks on a Solution Accelerator’s “Use It” button (displayed on hover), the Solution Template will begin “generating.” Once generating is complete the user will be automatically redirected back to their Editor’s “All Items” list view. Here, users will be able to see the newly created Folder with a matching Solution Accelerator name. The newly created folder will contain all of the Deployable Items (Smart Walk-Thurs, Launchers, ShoutOuts, etc.) included with the generated Solution Template.

Using System Solution Accelerators

Users may select from a library of pre-built Solution Templates and Accelerators which include:


Welcome Message
Workday Navigation Overview
Employee Profile Overview Tour
Feedback Survey – Player Menu
Change Legal Name
Change Preferred Name
Change My Business Title
Change Home Contact Information
Change Personal Information
Add Alternative Work Location
Request Time Off
Correct Time Off
View Time Off Balance
View Team Time Off and Leave Calendar
Request Leave of Absence
Request Return from Leave
Change Business Title
Create Position
Create Job Requisition
Change Job
Request Compensation Change
Complete State and Local Withholding Elections
Complete Federal Withholding Elections
View/Edit Payment Elections
Submit Resignation
Terminate an Employee


Salesforce Lightning

Create a Contact
Create a Task
Create a Lead
Convert a Lead
Create a Calendar Event
Create an Opportunity
Create a Quote
Log a Task to a Record
Log a Call to a Record
Log an Event to a Record
Process Foundation Kit (Modal)
[Nav] Opportunity Record – Related
[Nav] Account Record – Related
[Nav] Contact Record – Related
[Nav] Lead Record – Related
[Nav] Record Page – Load Related
[Nav] Record Type Select Modal
[Nav] Turn Off Split View – Home/List


Oracle HCM

Menu Launcher
[Autoplay] Role Segmentation
[Branch] Navigate to Home
[Branch] Navigate to Me Tab
[Branch] Navigate to My Team
How to Update Personal Details
How to Update Contact Info
How to Update Family and Emergency Contacts
How to View Employment Info
How to Add a Payment Method
How to Update Skills and Qualifications
How to Promote an Employee
Guide Me: How to Promote an Employee
Promote Employee
How to Terminate an Employee
Guide Me: How to Terminate an Employee
Terminate Employee
How to Transfer an Employee
Guide Me: How to Transfer an Employee
Transfer Employee
How to Change an Employee’s Manager
Guide Me: How to Change an Employee’s Manager
Change Manager


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