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Brief Overview

WalkMe’s Element Repository Feature is a library of pre-captured, system-specific elements created using WalkMe best practices. Users can build deployables by selecting a Repository Element that allows WalkMe to maintain and update new system platforms (such as Workday) UI changes for all WalkMe implementations connected to a system-specific Repository.

New and existing Editor accounts can be connected to WalkMe’s Element Repository for Workday, Salesforce Lightning, and Oracle HCM.

Use Cases

  • A system releases a platform update that includes a change to the sitewide search bar’s HTML code, resulting in a new jQuery selector.
  • WalkMe deployables pointing to the search bar no longer play across all customer implementations on said system.
  • A WalkMe SME changes the jQuery selector for the search bar element in the Workday Repository, publishes the update to production, disseminating the update to all connected Editor accounts.
  • Connected Editor deployables linked to a Repository element for the system search bar inherit the jQuery update from the Repository automatically.
  • Editor user enters the Editor after an update, then receives an element update notification has occurred and to publish the deployable.

How It Works

New Editor Accounts

New Editor accounts are enabled with the master feature and will be enabled with the Repository feature.

Existing Editor accounts

To enable the use of this feature, special configurations need to be made to a users account, please contact your WalkMe Account Manager to enable.

Capturing a Repository Element

Once your Editor account has been configured and connected to an Element Repository, you can then follow the standard process for capturing elements for implementation:

Capture mode view: View all Repository elements on-page

In Editor Capture mode, a small, vertical toggle will be visible left of the “Close” button. When a user clicks the toggle on, the Editor Capture mode label will change from “Select Element” to “Element Library.”

With the “Element Library” view enabled, all available Repository Elements will display on-screen, in green, at once. Users may follow the standard process for capturing both Repository Elements and standard native elements to implement.

Available Systems

  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Workday
  • Oracle HCM

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