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How to Publish Global Settings

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To publish WalkMe items to your environment, you’ll need to open up the Publish Menu in the Editor, select the environment that you wish to publish to, choose one of the apps in the left hand menu, and select the relevant items, before finally clicking on the Publish button.

However, you’ll notice that there are some changes that can be applied to your account that aren’t reflected in the Publish Menu. These include changes that are made to the Menu Organizer, any changes that you apply in the Customize Menu, including changes to the Widget and custom CSS, changes that were applied to the Settings Menu, global segments, and more.

The reason for this is that any change in your account that doesn’t relate to a specific WalkMe item will be pushed to your environment as soon as you publish any new or existing content. This means that if you’ve recently applied changes to one of your global segments, and then published an unrelated Walk-Thru, the changes made to your segment will be published as well.

If you’d like to publish any new global changes to your account, all you’ll need to do is open the Publish Menu, select the relevant environment, de-select all items, and click on the Publish button.

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