App Configuration (6)

  • Last Update March 31, 2019

    Appearance Tab

    Brief Overview Appearance is a category in the Options Menu that enables you to modify the way Walk-Thru Steps, Launchers, ShoutOuts, individual SmartTips and Surveys appear. With Appearance settings, you can highlight or focus...
  • Last Update January 7, 2020

    Tabs Overview

    Use the Editor’s Options Menu to customize your Smart Walk-Thrus/Walk-Thrus and their steps, ShoutOuts, Launchers, etc. Options menu tabs include Interaction, Display Conditions, Appearance, and Selected Element. To open the options menu, simply hover...
  • Last Update January 7, 2020

    Selected Element Tab

    Brief Overview Selected Element tab settings allow you to view and customize the way WalkMe identifies elements on your website. Using Selected Element settings you can see how easily WalkMe identifies a given element...
  • Last Update March 11, 2020

    Notes Tab

    Brief Overview Notes allow you to add information about an individual WalkMe Deployable that you have created. Notes can be used to collaborate with team members in the Editor and will not appear to...
  • Last Update April 16, 2020

    Element Behavior

    Brief Overview The Element’s Behavior Menu allows you to define how a WalkMe deployable will interact with your website, these settings are found in the Selected Element tab of┬áSmart Walk-Thru Steps, Launchers, and Smart...
  • Last Update November 8, 2020


    Brief Overview Goals are used in WalkMe to quantify success and understand user behavior within Insights (WalkMe’s analytics platform). Using Goals, you can view not only how many times a Smart Walk-Thru, Resource, Shuttle,...
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