Building Settings (11)

  • Last Update January 24, 2023

    WalkMe Editor Features

    Learn about the features available in the Editor: Connection Indicator, Refreshing, Resizing, and accessing the Editor Menu.

  • Last Update January 25, 2023

    WalkMe Console

    The Console is your one-stop-shop for all things WalkMe. Access your Communication Center, Menu Organizer, and UI Intelligence with a click of a button.

  • Last Update October 11, 2022


    Brief Overview User Attributes enable you to leverage information about your end-users, such as their role, preferences, subscription and other characteristics, in your WalkMe solution. Once you have set up a User Attribute in...

  • Last Update April 25, 2022


    Goals are used in WalkMe to quantify success and understand user behavior within Insights (WalkMe’s analytics platform).

  • Last Update March 22, 2021

    Element Behavior

    The Element’s Behavior Menu allows you to define how a WalkMe deployable will interact with your website.

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    Tabs Overview

    Use the Editor’s Options Menu to customize your Smart Walk-Thrus/Walk-Thrus and their steps, ShoutOuts, Launchers, etc. Options menu tabs include Interaction, Display Conditions, Appearance, and Selected Element.

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    Appearance Tab

    Appearance is a category in the Options Menu that enables you to modify the way Walk-Thru Steps, Launchers, ShoutOuts, individual SmartTips and Surveys appear.

  • Last Update March 29, 2021

    Notes Tab

    Notes allow you to add information about an individual WalkMe Deployable that you have created.

  • Last Update November 23, 2022

    Selected Element Tab

    The Selected Element tab settings allow you to view and customize the way WalkMe identifies elements on your website.

  • Last Update June 8, 2022

    Accessibility in WalkMe

    Introduction to Accessibility and the standards WalkMe supports.

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