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Last Updated May 31, 2023

Brief Overview

You can use the Edit on Page feature to simplify the content creation experience by building and customizing Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, and ShoutOuts directly on page, instead of via the Editor.

Customizing your items on page allows greater control and ease of building. You can see how changes will affect the appearance of your item as you make them, instead of going back and forth between the Editor and the screen.

Please note:

  • Requires Editor app version 4.14 and above
  • “Re-Select” functionality doesn’t work if the element is inside an iframe. To overcome the limitation, exit the “Edit on screen” mode and reselect the element via the regular item editing screen:

How It Works

There are several options available to further customize items directly on the page as you are building:


  • Adjust the position of the item on the screen


  • Select a new design from the gallery, including ones that you have previously created


  • Change the text, font, font size, and color
  • Adjust the hover and click states
  • Adjust the borders and padding


  • Link the item to another one while creating it, instead of through settings after the creation process

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