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Quality Assurance Testing

Updated on October 1, 2017
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Testing WalkMe items prior to publishing is essential to ensure an optimal user experience. Checking that everything works as intended will save the user time and create a more smooth and efficient experience. WalkMe provides a number of resources for help with testing Walk-Thrus including the Flow Tracker and a QA Template.

The Short Version

Before publishing to end users, it is critical to run a quality assurance (QA) test to make sure that everything is working properly. It is recommended to have an individual other than the builder to perform the QA test.

Testing should be done in the frame of mind of a new end user who is unfamiliar with the site. The tester should aim to replicate common user behavior and ensure that WalkMe provides clarity and guides the user through necessary tasks or queries with ease and efficiency. In addition to finding flaws in Walk-Thrus, the tester may try to come up with any ideas that would add value.

Testing Walk-Thrus is important to ensure that:

  • Walk-Thrus play properly from beginning to end without stopping in the middle
  • WalkMe items are consistent in appearance and content
  • WalkMe works consistently across all desired browsers
  • Relevant WalkMe Items are visible to target audiences

How It Works

The best way to test Walk-Thrus is in a “neutral” environment, without the Editor (using a test snippet or the extension). This is very important because it simulates the real user experience.

The QA tester will use the Flow Tracker to see real-time information about Walk-Thrus and Goals as they are previewed. The Flow Tracker will display information including step number, if the step’s element has appeared, and any Rules. In a separate tab, the Flow Tracker will also display whether Goals are being met and display alert for any settings configured incorrectly in the back end.

The QA testing takes place in two rounds: the “Full Round” and “Sanity Check.”

Enable the Flow Tracker

  1. From the editor, open the Settings menu and go to the General tab.
  2. Turn on Flow Tracker for both Preview mode and Play mode.
  3. Turn on the published environment as well if you want to be able to open the FlowTracker there. The end user will not see it.
  4. Click Save and close the Settings window.
  5. Click Preview to view your implementation from the editor. The Flow Tracker will appear in its minimized view.

To view the Flow Tracker in the published environment, access your production or testing environment, open the WalkMe menu and type walkmetracker in the search field. The FlowTracker will immediately appear in the background. This will only work if you have turned on FlowTracker in published environment before you published your items.

Full Round QA

Perform a Full Round QA. Test from all the pages within the process.  The QA template details all things to test, including:

  • Layout Issues: Make sure that Walk-Thrus, Launchers and all WalkMe elements appear cohesive and intuitive on the page. Text is correct, important elements are visible on the page, balloons don’t cover important parts of the site, and colors and the design match the site environment.
  • Alerts: Alerts will display on a separate tab of the Flow Tracker. Usually there’s one alert saying that the extension is active on this page (this one can be ignored). Take a screenshot of other alert messages (click the Icon to display the alerts).
  • Walk-Thru Goals: The best time to check Goals is in the initial Sanity Test. Make sure the Goals are reached in the Tracker and that the timing makes sense. Each Walk-Thru should have Goals
  • Onboarding Goals: These should be set at the end of the process to ensure the task won’t be scratched off the Task list before the process has been completed.
  • Launchers: Make sure that all Launchers look good and are working properly. Return to these pages after the sanity check to see if they work properly. Make sure they play the Walk-Thru they are supposed to play. Make sure they are located and segmented correctly.

Final Check (AKA “Sanity Check”)

Finally, run a Sanity QA. enter the testing environment and follow the Walk-Thru exactly as instructed in the balloons. Run the Walk-Thru A to Z once or twice on different browsers. Best practice is to run the Sanity Check on a smaller screen to check that everything still appears correctly and on the lowest required browser versions.

Using the QA Template

The QA Template can be used to keep track of the testing process so the builder can return to address issues after the full test. If the Walk-Thru worked well, log it and mark it Green. If there is an issue with the Walk-Thru, log it and mark it Red.

QA Questions

The chart below summarizes the items to review to ask when QA’ing a build.

Do all trigger options work correctly?

Walk-Thrus Best Practices Read about Walk-Thru Best Practices
Normal Flow A to B Does the Walk-Thru play properly without breaking?

Do all trigger options work correctly?

Layout Issues Is the balloon layout appropriate in relation to screen size? (Note: balloons may look fine when building on a large monitor but change on smaller screen sizes)

Check that all clickable elements are clearly defined (if not, consider using highlighter around the element)

Do balloons block important information on the screen?

Consistency, Language and Spelling Are instructions clear and concise?

Is terminology consistent?

Does capitalization match the text in buttons on the page?

Challenge Testing What happens is there is user error? (i.e. leaving mandatory fields blank, typing wrong email/password, clicking the wrong button etc)

What happens if the user encounters site error notifications?

Does the Walk-Thru start from the appropriate step if the user is
already in the middle of the process?

Multiple triggers (i.e. two Save buttons that do the same action)

Goal Completion Are Goals and Milestones met as expected?
Safe Start Do Walk-Thrus redirect to a page where it can start or show an error?
Launchers and SmartTips Position Do Launchers appear correctly for different screen sizes?
Visibility Does the Launcher stay in place when scrolling the page?
Associated actions Are all items that are triggered by the Launcher also published?
Resources and Shuttles Check functionality Did the resource play / open as expected?
Goals Are Goals reached?
Keywords Does the resource appear in search results?
Security If opening a Resource article or video in a lightbox, check for security protocol conflicts. Note that HTTP Resources cannot open in a lightbox on an HTTPS domain.
Make sure the video is either YouTube or Vimeo format and that there are no passwords required to view the video/article.
Onboarding Name & Description Are there typos or spelling errors?
Related Items Are all related items published (or marked to be published)?
Task Completion Do tasks get crossed off when completed?

In case tasks are already crossed off:
1. Clear cookies and cache: Ctrl+Shift+Delete
2. Use this API call through the Web Console: _makeTutorial.tempClearUserCompletedTasks()

Activation Rules Does the task become active at the right time?
Task Arrangement Are tasks aligned in logical order in the menu?
Is WalkMe tracking unique users?
Surveys Language and Spelling Do questions make sense? Are there spelling mistakes?
Segmentation Does the survey appear only in the relevant place and timing?
ShoutOut Language and Spelling Is the announcement clear and concise?
Action Button Does the Action button trigger the right WalkMe item?
Auto Play Does the ShoutOut autoplay when it’s supposed to?

Do other items autoplay at the same time?

Goals Are Goals reached? (Use the Flow Tracker to check Goals)
General Custom CSS Is design consistent throughout all WalkMe items and in line with the site design?
Segmentation How many segments are there?

Are Rules set for segments valid both to Sandbox and Production environments?

Autoplay Which Walk-Thrus are set to play automatically?

Are the Rules set for these Walk-Thrus valid both to Sandbox and Production environments?

WalkMe Menu Is the WalkMe menu in the best position?

Is it working properly?

Search What search providers are defined in the account?

Does the Walk-thrus search work?

Help Desk Where does it point to?

Is is working properly?

Publish Is all content published?

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