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QA Solutions and Publishing

QA Solutions and Publishing (5)

  • Last Update August 29, 2020


    Brief Overview Publishing allows you to select, organize, test and publish items that you create in the WalkMe Editor to your different environments. Publishing is an important part of the building process. Whether it’s...
  • Last Update October 15, 2019

    How to Publish Global Settings

    Brief Overview To keep WalkMe running smoothly, general account settings and other settings are updated regularly, these include changes that are made to the Menu Organizer, any changes that you apply in the Customize Menu,...
  • Last Update August 5, 2020

    Flow Tracker

    Brief Overview The Flow Tracker is used to test and evaluate your WalkMe items. This tool is a visual representation of how a Walk-Thru is behaving and helps you troubleshoot issues more easily. The...
  • Last Update October 23, 2018

    Quality Assurance Testing

    Testing WalkMe items prior to publishing is essential to ensure an optimal user experience. Checking that everything works as intended will save the user time and create a more smooth and efficient experience. WalkMe...