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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Issue Recorder

Last Updated April 9, 2024

Brief Overview

The new WalkMe Issue Recorder enables builders to open support tickets directly from the Flow Tracker.

Users can include a video screen recording of the issue reproduced, with audio if the builder chooses to, as well as detailed logs.

How to Access

Screen & log recorder is available from the Flow Tracker in the Preview mode.

How to Use

  1. In the Flow Tracker, click the Record Issue button

  1. Choose whether you want to Record screen and logs or Record logs only

  2. Turn on or off the Microphone Audio toggle

  3. Click Start Recording

  4. The browser will ask you to allow recording the current tab

  5. Click Allow

  6. If Microphone Audio is on, click Allow

  7. Click Start Recording
  8. Click the Red button to finish recording

    You can pause, restart, or delete the recording using the action buttons. Drag the widget to reposition along the top or side of the screen.

  9. Add a short title and description of the issue

  10. Click Submit

    Click Start Over if you would like to re-record

  11. Click Close

Demo video

Technical Notes

  • Screen Recording is only supported on Chromium browsers (Chrome, Edge)

    • On other browsers users can still open a ticket and logs will be sent, but no video or audio will be available

  • On page reload (or loading of a new page), the user will have to confirm resuming the recording

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance

The Issue Recorder is fully HIPAA compliant.

The HIPAA controls are covered as part of the SOC Type II annual audit.

  • The recordings are stored encrypted at rest and transmitted encrypted in transit

  • The access is limited to specific personnel and there is an automatic 3 months retention period

  • The customer can request to delete the recording at any point of time

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