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Last Updated May 30, 2023

Brief Overview

The Flow Tracker is used to test and evaluate WalkMe items, which makes it one of the most important tools used in QA. Once activated, it appears as a small window on the page showing real-time information on the following:

  • Flow (current Smart Walk-Thru step)
  • Goals
  • Smart Walk-Thrus
  • Launchers
  • SmartTips
  • Specific alerts
  • General system information
  • Segments applied
  • CSS added by the Editor

Use Cases

  • Check that a Smart Walk-Thru, Launcher, or SmartTip works smoothly before publishing
  • Identify if Smart Walk-Thru step starting points are getting triggered correctly
  • Confirm that goals are being tracked at the right place
  • Troubleshoot an item that is not playing as expected by checking conditions and segments
  • Check CSS rules on the page before applying them in the Editor

How to Activate

Go to Settings → General tab

Scroll until you see WalkMe Flow Tracker Settings

  • Activated in Play Mode – Flow Tracker automatically launches when an item is played from the Editor (see limitations)
  • Activated in Preview Mode – Flow Tracker automatically launches when Preview Mode is enabled
  • Accessible in Published Environment (QA-related) – Flow Tracker is accessible in the Published Environment, but does not start automatically

How to Use

Minimized View

Play or preview your item and the Flower Tracker will open in a minimized view

  1. Expand button: Opens the Flow Tracker in a full view
  2. Mode indicator: Displays the mode the Flow Tracker is currently opened in
  3. X button: Closes Flow Tracker

Maximized View

  • Step Tracker: Default tab the Flow Tracker will open in. It will track the Smart Walk-Thru as it plays, listing information like steps, triggers, etc.
  • Smart Walk-Thrus Launchers / SmartTips: A list of your items you selected for testing
  • Goals: Shows which goals are being tracked and when they’re reached
  • General: WalkMe system and segmentation information
  • Alerts: Notifications when something goes wrong
  • Custom CSS: All Custom CSS for the WalkMe system
  • Clear All: Clears all content from the Flow Tracker

Step Tracker

When an item is played, the Step Tracker tab displays the step-by-step events. Each line represents a different step.

  1. Step types:
  • Step
  • Split Step 
  • Popup Step
  • Wait For Rule
  • Branch Step
  • Error Handling Rule
  • Custom Action
  • Switch to Frame
  • Set WalkMe Data
  1. Trigger type:
    – Click – Next – Input – Hover – Multiple Balloon – Delay – Refresh
    – Custom TriggerWhen you hover over the icon, you’ll see a tooltip with a question mark. Clicking on it will take you to the Help Center.
  2. Step triggered: Indicates whether a WalkMe step was triggered. A step trigger is a condition that must be met before a WalkMe step is displayed. In other words, the trigger determines when the step will be displayed. For example, a step can be triggered if a user clicks on an element.
  3. Step played: Indicates whether a WalkMe step has been displayed to the user or not. If a step has been displayed, it is considered “played”.

Smart Walk-Thrus

The Smart Walk-Thrus tab displays your Smart Walk-Thrus and all the steps with an option to trigger a specific step


  • The eye icon indicates whether the element your item is attached to is visible on the page
  • The Conditions and Segments button allows you to view the evaluation of display conditions and segments, if any were applied


  • View your Smart-Tips sets, and the tips attached, by clicking on the Smart Tip set name
  • Conditions and Segments button allows you to view the evaluation of display conditions and segments, if any were applied


  • Goals tab has information on the goals you have set for your item
  • Clicking on the Goal Info will show the description of the goal
  • Red exclamation mark indicates that the goal hasn’t been reached yet
  • Green checkmark indicates that the goal has been reached

Conditions and Segments

  • You can see conditions, segments and their evaluation, and any auto play rules assigned to the item in the dedicated item tab
  • In the General tab → Segments Evaluation, you can also see segment’s rules
  • If the condition is met (true), you’ll see the green frame and checkmark indication
  • If the condition isn’t met (false), the indication of it will be a red frame and an exclamation mark icon
  • Conditions are calculated with UI change, meaning that at one point of the user’s flow (for example: loading the page) the condition might be false, and at the other point of the flow (for example: changing tab or opening a dropdown), the condition can change to true


Alerts include:

  • Domain Conflict. Your Smart Walk-Thru is attempting to play a step on more than one domain
  • Your browser extension is active on this page
  • Protocol Conflict. A content, image, or video loaded by WalkMe that doesn’t match your site’s security policy
  • This is a single-page application. Please contact [email protected] to enable the Single Page Application feature on your account

Alerts will always appear even if the root cause was handled. See this as an additional warning information for possible failures with your content.

Custom CSS

See all the CSS that was created on this system, change it, and view the result

Changes made and applied within this tab are previewed in the production environment for testing only. Changes must be added in the Editor to become permanent.

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