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Last Updated April 27, 2022

Brief Overview

The Flow Tracker is used to test and evaluate your WalkMe items. This tool is a visual representation of how a Walk-Thru is behaving and helps you troubleshoot issues more easily.

The Flow Tracker will display only for WalkMe Admins, and appears in a small window on the page showing real-time information about Walk-Thrus and Goals as you preview them. The Flow Tracker can be viewed by default in Preview mode but can also be accessed in the Published environment or enabled to display when playing a single Walk-Thru in the Editor. In any case, the Flow Tracker displays the environment you are currently in at the top of its display.

The Flow Tracker is a self-assessment tool that allows you to test if your items will work correctly for the end-user. You’ll monitor the step-by-step activity of a Walk-Thru, including Super Steps, as they play and trigger. The Flow Tracker will display what steps are being played, if the step’s element has appeared, and any Rules that might stop the step from playing.

In a separate tab, the Flow Tracker will also display whether Goals are being met and alert you to any settings configured incorrectly in the back end.

Use Cases

Flow Tracker use cases include the following:

  • Check that a Walk-Thru flows smoothly from start to finish before publishing;
  • Identify if Jump to Steps are triggering correctly;
  • Confirm that Goals are being tracked at the correct place;
  • Troubleshoot a Walk-Thru that is not playing correctly.

How It Works

The Flow Tracker can appear in Play mode, Preview mode, and in a live environment. The Flow Tracker will load on screen once WalkMe loads on screen: in Play mode, this is when the first step of a Walk-Thru appears.

In Preview mode, the Flow Tracker Loads once the Player Menu appears on the screen. In a live environment, the Flow Tracker will appear once the text “walkmetracker” has been entered into the search bar in the Player Menu. The Flow tracker will initially appear in its minimized version for convenience, but can be expanded to reveal more detailed information.

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Activating The Flow Tracker

The Flow Tracker is enabled by default in Preview mode. Change display settings in Settings > General tab in the WalkMe Editor. The Flow Tracker can appear in Play, Preview, and Publish modes.

To enable the Flow Tracker, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the WalkMe Editor
  2. Click “Settings” in the header of the Editor
  3. Go to the “General tab”
  4. Select in which modes the Flow Tracker will appear​
    • Activated in Play Mode: Flow Tracker automatically launches when a Walk-Thru is played from Editor. Not all tabs are available in this mode; only Flow and Alerts will appear.
    • Activated in Preview Mode: Flow Tracker automatically launches when you use Preview mode in the Editor.
    • Accessible in Published Environment: Flow Tracker is accessible in the Published environment but does not start automatically. Type the keyword “walkmetracker” into the Player Menu search bar to activate Flow Tracker.

Flow Tracker Layout


The minimized version of the Flow Tracker will appear when it is first launched:

  1. Environment indicator;
  2. Help button: Open WalkMe Help Center website;
  3. Close button: Close Flow Tracker;
  4. Maximize button: Switch to full-size Flow Tracker.


Once maximized, the Flow Tracker will appear as follows:

From the bar at the top, you can do the following:

  1. Show/hide the Sidebar;
  2. See the environment Indicator;
  3. Minimize the Flow Tracker.


Tabs appear only in the maximized Flow Tracker and allow you to explore different types of information about your WalkMe items:

  1. Flow: Track what’s going on in a Walk-Thru as it plays;
  2. Player: In the Player you can manually play any Walk-Thru that’s available in the account;
  3. Goals: Track Goal completion;
  4. General: WalkMe account information;
  5. Alerts: See alerts;
  6. Custom CSS: View custom CSS and test temporary changes.

Flow Tracker Data


When a Walk-Thru is played, the Flow tab displays the step-by-step events. Each line in the Flow Tracker represents a different step being played. Basic steps have a white background:

Each step contains the following information:

  1. Element Grade;
  2. Step Number in the Step List;
  3. Step Title;
  4. Step Status;
  5. Trigger;
  6. Behavior Setting Enabled;
  7. Grey background.

The status of a step can be one of the following:

Step Played
Step Triggered
Looking for Element

In cases where WalkMe continues to look for an element and cannot find it, you may view the element originally selected by clicking the eyeball icon:

Within the Flow Tracker, Super Steps appear differently from regular steps and are on a blue background. They will include information about the type of Super Step trying to play, in addition to the information above.

  1. Step Number;
  2. Super Step Type;
  3. Step Title;
  4. Step Segmentation;
  5. Step Status;
  6. Blue Background.

All steps, Super Steps, and Walk-Thrus can be segmented with a Play Step Rule or through the Segmentation Center. The status of this Rule will appear in the Flow Tracker with one of these symbols:

Segmentation True
Segmentation False

Hover over the icon to see more detail about the Rule used. If a Segmentation Rule is False, the step, Super Step, or Walk-Thru will not play.


The Player works inside the Flow Tracker just like the WalkMe menu, except the Player shows all Walk-Thrus that exist regardless of segmentation or display rules that otherwise might prevent them from appearing in the Menu.


The Flow Tracker will monitor which Goals have been completed as a Walk-Thru is being played. The Goals tab lists Goals for current or recently played Walk-Thrus.

Tracking when your Goals have been completed is essential to your KPIs. Once the Goal Rule is true, it will be marked as completed in the Flow Tracker. If a Goal is being marked as complete too early, or not at all, you will not get an accurate picture of what is happening on your site. For more information on the Goal Rule, click Goal Info. The Rule evaluation for the current page will appear:

Condition True
Condition False
Condition can only be checked during playback

General Tab

The General tab contains the Global Account Details, and information on the Walk-Thru List:

  • Global Account Details: This tab lists WalkMe features such as Onboarding, Search, Safe Start, Live Chat, Help Desk, and the Widget. The current status of the feature is displayed along with the segmentation of each feature.
    • This tab will also display how many items have been published from each app, giving you a complete picture of what is currently deployed on your site, and how recently it has been updated;
  • Walk-Thru List: This tab lists all Walk-Thrus published in the current view and indicates if a Walk-Thru is segmented and has Auto Play. Click the segmentation or Auto Play icon for more information on the Rule and its current status.

Alerts Tab

This tab displays alerts for your account.

Alerts include:

  • Domain Conflict: This message will display in the Flow Tracker if your content navigates to a different domain page or if there are iFrames on the page with different domains;
  • Protocol Conflict: A content, image, or video loaded by WalkMe that doesn’t match your site’s security policy;
  • This is a Single-Page Application: Please contact Support. to enable the Single Page Application feature on your account.

Custom CSS Tab

This tab displays all Custom CSS for the WalkMe account. Use this tab to try out new CSS on your account. Changes made and applied within this tab are previewed in the production environment for testing only. To make changes permanent, they must be added in the WalkMe Editor.

Resolving Common Issues

My Walk-Thru Stops Playing When an Element Changes or Disappears

Hover and Fly Out Menus, Drop Downs, and Pages that frequently refresh may cause your element to disappear while the menu is closed or the page is refreshing. In the Flow Tracker, you will see the Searching for Element symbol.

If this appears, try turning Sticky ON, so that when the element reappears, the step will replay. If Sticky is on, it will play and then show you the magnifying glass, and is actively looking for an element.

Walk-Thru Stops in the Middle

When a step won’t play, there is likely a problem in the step’s Behavior or Precision Settings. In the Flow Tracker, confirm that the element grade for your step is three bars or more. If the element has a high element grade but is still not appearing, confirm in the Flow Tracker that the Step Play Rule is true.

WalkMe Keeps Searching for an Element

When playing a Walk-Thru, the Flow Tracker might continuously display the magnifying glass symbol and search for the element.

If the Element grade is less than three bars, try using the enhance settings to find a different element that has three bars or more. If the step is a Wait for Condition, it may still be waiting for the Rule to be true before moving on.

Try it Out!

Enable the Flow Tracker in Published environments, and make sure you have published items. Once you’ve done this, open your website in Chrome. Open the Player Menu and type “walkmetracker” in the search field. Once the Flow Tracker appears, go through all your published solutions!

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