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My Walk-Thru Cannot be Played From the Current Location

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When I try to play my Smart Walk-Thru or Walk-Thru from the Editor, I see this message: “Hmm… Looks like we can’t find the element for the following step.”
How can I resolve this problem?


This message may appear if WalkMe is unable to find the element of your first step or first playable step. The message should indicate which step is trying to play; if you aren’t expecting that step to the first one played, review the “Start Points” associated with that step if the flow is a Smart Walk-Thru.

For Walk-Thrus, review any Jump-to step rules at the beginning of the flow that would jump to that step specifically.

If the step that is failing to play should be able to play because its element is visible, you may need to adjust the step’s element precision. Learn how to fix an On Screen Element that can’t be found.

Another method to resolve this issue is by enabling Safe Start. Safe Start will redirect your users to a page that you identify. To enable Safe Start click the Settings icon in the Admin bar, click the Safe Start Tab, and turn this feature on. Add the URL for which you would like it to start.

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