Smart Walk-Thrus (8)

  • Last Update June 4, 2020

    Connect To Step Option is Grayed Out

    Issue Why is the “Connect to Step” option grayed out? How can I get my Smart Walk-Thru to branch to a different step in the flow? Solution The “Connect to Step” option is only...

  • Last Update June 17, 2019

    Split or Error Handling Step Not Working Correctly

    Issue My Smart Walk-Thru’s split or error handling group does not work the way I expect it to. solution There are several options that could prevent a split or error handling group from working...

  • Last Update February 9, 2022

    Smart Walk-Thru is Breaking

    Issue My Smart Walk-Thru is breaking at a certain step and doesn’t proceed to the next. How can I troubleshoot this? Solution There are a few scenarios that can cause a Smart Walk-Thru to...

  • Last Update November 28, 2023

    How to Change Text in “Next/Done” Buttons

    Learn how to change the button text for steps using CSS.

  • Last Update July 14, 2022

    Smart Walk-Thru does not appear in WalkMe Menu

    Issue Why aren’t the Smart Walk-Thrus I created showing in the WalkMe Menu? Solution There are several reasons why a Smart Walk-Thru may not be appearing in the Menu. Is there a problem with...

  • Last Update September 5, 2023

    My Smart Walk-Thru Cannot be Played From the Current Location

    Issue When I try to play my Smart Walk-Thru or Walk-Thru from the Editor, I see this message: “Hmm… Looks like we can’t find the element for the following step.” How can I resolve...

  • Last Update July 8, 2021

    Smart Walk-Thru Stops at Drop Down

    Issue I see my step initially, but then for some reason it disappears. How can I make sure my flow continues? Solution Steps disappear only when the element is not present anymore.  For example:...

  • Last Update January 19, 2024

    Why is my Step Balloon/Launcher moving around on the page?

    Issue My Launcher or step ballon don’t stay in place next to the selected element, they jump around on the page when scrolling or they are hidden by the element. Solution The problem has...

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