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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Split or Error Handling Step Not Working Correctly

Last Updated June 17, 2019


My Smart Walk-Thru's split or error handling group does not work the way I expect it to.


There are several options that could prevent a split or error handling group from working as intended:


  • If the rules for the split/error handling are based on an event that occurs immediately after a page refresh or user action, you may want to add a “Wait for” flow step right before the split/error handling step.
      • The Wait for step should be set to pause the flow for 1 or 2 seconds before the conditions in the split/error handling are evaluated
      • Read here for more information about wait for steps: Wait for Flow Steps

Rules are not set up correctly

  • If you are using multiple rules in the condition for your split/error handling group, make sure the rules are grouped correctly and using the correct operator (And/Or) between them.
  • If you are using an on-screen element in your rule - you may want to adjust the precision of the element if it is not consistently identified correctly (if it shows as “false” even though you can see it on the page).
      • Use options such as Ignore ID, Ignore Position, Ignore Text, or Identify by Text
      • You can also reselect the element and use the expand/narrow options to select a more stable part of the element
      • Read here for more information about adjusting on-screen element precision: Fine Tuning Precision

Conditions are based around an element that is in a cross-domain iFrame

  • If you are basing the conditions on the visibility or presence of an on-screen or jQuery element that is in a cross-domain iFrame, you will need to add a Switch to Frame flow step before the split/error handling group.
      • This is necessary to ensure WalkMe knows where to look for the element
      • For more information on Switch to Frame steps, please refer here: Switch to Frame - How it Works

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