Smart Walk-Thru does not appear in WalkMe Menu

Last Updated July 14, 2022


Why aren’t the Smart Walk-Thrus I created showing in the WalkMe Menu?


There are several reasons why a Smart Walk-Thru may not be appearing in the Menu.

Is there a problem with the Segmentation?

Navigate to the “Segmentation Tab” of your Smart Walk-Thru (to get there from the Editor, hover over the Smart Walk-Thru and click the gear icon -> “Segmentation”).
In “Display Segments”:

  1. Confirm the “Hide from Menu” is toggled “Off”
  2. Confirm the segmentation rule in “Update Display Segment” evaluates as “True” on the page with the Editor open. If there is no rule defined the button will instead say “Create a Display Segment”.
  3. Check and make note of all “segment tags” applied to the Smart Walk-Thru/Walk-Thru (if any). You can check this by clicking “Manage Segments” and taking note of all the tags that are checked. At least one segment tag applied needs to be true for the segmentation to be validated. To confirm if the segment tags are validated:
    1. Open the Segmentation Center
    2. Find the Segment(s) and click the target icon to view the rule
    3. Check if the rule is reading as true or false
    4. If multiple segments are applied, move on to the next one until you find a rule that is true

Keep in mind that the relationship between the Segment tags should be joined as an “Or” statement, meaning at least one tag applied must be true. Rule conditions that were set up at the individual level (within the “Update Display Segment” condition) must always be true even if the Segment tag is already true.

Is the Smart Walk-Thru in the Menu Organizer?

Check if the Smart Walk-Thru is in the Menu Organizer:

  1. Click Publish in the Admin Bar
  2. In the Menu Organizer tab, search for the Smart Walk-Thru in the right hand column
  3. If it’s not there, simply find it in the left hand column, click and drag!

Was the Smart Walk-Thru published in the correct environment?

Confirm that the Smart Walk-Thru was published to the correct environment. For example, if you are trying to get your Launcher to show up in Production, you will need to specifically publish it to Production, even if it has already been published in Test.

Did you do all these things and it’s still not showing? Try republishing. Whenever you make changes in the Editor or Menu Organizer, you have to republish for it to show up in production.

None of the above solutions working?

Please reach out to Support.

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