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Updated on April 1, 2019
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A Wait For is a Flow Step that will cause the Smart Walk-Thru to wait for a certain amount of time or until a certain condition is met before continuing. Using Wait For Flow Steps help ensure a smooth experience for your user.

Short Version

 A Wait For Flow Step has several uses. Use a Wait For to wait for:
  • Amount of Time: Wait for a few seconds when a user reaches a new page so that they have time to look around before continuing the Walk-Thru
  • URL: Wait for user to reach a certain URL before continuing
  • On Screen Element: Wait for the page to display a certain field before continuing

The Wait For can be configured to wait for a specific time duration or use the Rule Engine to determine when to continue playing your Smart Walk-Thrus.

How it Works

A Wait For Flow Step can be added anywhere in a Smart Walk-Thru. When WalkMe gets to the Wait For, the Walk-Thru will wait to play the next step until a certain number of seconds has past or the associated rule(s) is/are true.

To add steps to handle errors to your Smart Walk-Thru, hover over the path where you would like to add the Wait For and select Wait For.

After adding a Wait For, it will appear in the Smart Walk-Thru Map as an orange icon.

If you would like to delay the Walk-Thru for a certain amount of time before continuing to the next step, enter the number of seconds to wait.

If you would like to delay the Walk_Thru until a certain condition is true, create a rule that identifies what the Walk-Thru should wait for. When the rule is true, the Walk-Thru will continue to play.

To create a rule, open the Wait For Flow Step, click Create Rules, and create a rule that identifies the condition to wait for.

Common Rule Types in Wait For Flow Steps include URL and On Screen Element.

Learn more about creating rules in the Rule Engine.

Make sure to change the name of the Wait For so that it is easy to tell what it is by looking at the Smart Walk-Thru Map in the Editor.

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