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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Auto Play Frequency Scheduler

Last Updated May 29, 2024

Brief Overview

This article describes the new feature providing the ability to have more flexibility when setting the frequency of the following items: ShoutOuts, Smart Walk-Thrus, Surveys.

How It Works

Replay Settings

  • Frequency: Custom
  • Starts: The date you want the content to begin to play
  • Ends: The date you want the content to stop playing
    • If the End date is set July 6th, 07/06, the content won't play on August 6th, 08/06, no matter what time is selected
  • Repeating: The frequency content will play, either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • From: The time the content should play
    • For example, if the chosen time is 02:55 PM, it won't play at 02:54 PM, but it can play any time after that date and time if it is before the end date


  • Configuration should be set according to the local time zone of the end user
  • When selecting Weekly, you can choose any day of the week


Content will display at first activity, within the scheduled time, and in the users local time zone.


  1. Open the ShoutOut settings
  2. Select Auto Play or Play according to a rule 
  3. Set the frequency to Custom


  1. Open the Survey settings
  2. In the Engagement tab select Play according to a rule
  3. Create a rule
  4. Set the frequency to Custom

Smart Walk-Thrus

  1. Create the first Smart Walk-Thru step
  2. Click Initiators
  3. Create a rule
  4. Set the frequency to Custom


By default, data is stored locally on the browser level. If the auto play frequency is set to once a day or similar - accessing the same page in a different browser will trigger the content to appear again even if the same end user is identified by their UUID.

Tip Tuesday videos

Technical Notes

  • Rules are checked every 5 minutes to see if an item should be played

    • The Custom option time and timeframe is being checked before any other condition, which means that if the current time isn't in the set time frame, all other condition evaluations will be skipped

    • For example, if a user starts working in Salesforce at 10am and the ShoutOut auto play frequency is set to play daily at 4pm, the rules will be checked every 5 minutes

    • If it checks the ShoutOut at 3:57pm, it won't play, but in the next interval, which is at 4:02pm the shoutOut will play

  • Both classic and new ShoutOuts are supported
  • Not supported on Workstation systems
  • Currently not supported for ShoutOuts on Mobile Web (coming soon)
  • There can be a conflict if a user sets both the custom frequency and Date/Time rule in the Rule Engine


When using the custom frequency function, it is not recommended to set the Date/Time rule.

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