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Brief Overview

AutoPlay Rules allow you to start a Smart WalkThru automatically, without the user taking any action.

This solution is not recommended for every Smart Walk-Thru, but can be used for a WalkThru that is necessary for a specific page.

Add AutoPlay Rules to a Smart WalkThru

Goals allow you to track your users’ success when completing Smart WalkThrus. You can attach a goal to a specific user action to determine when users have successfully completed a Smart WalkThru.

A user may need WalkThru guidance to complete the majority of a process but complete the final steps independently.  Goals allow you to continue tracking user behavior after they close a Smart Walk-Thru so that you can determine when a user has completed a process, even if they have closed the WalkThru guidance.

For more information on Goals, view the Goals support article.

  1. Open a Smart WalkThru to add an AutoPlay Rule.
  2. Click Initiators:
  3. In the AutoPlay section of the Initiators Menu, click Create Rules:
  4. In the Rules Engine, add rules for the conditions that you want to trigger the Smart WalkThru to play automatically.
    • The AutoPlay Rules should always begin with a URL, so that WalkMe only checks the AutoPlay conditions on the correct page.
    • The URL rule may be the only rule required, but you can also add additional rules based on user actions.
  5. Set the frequency that you want this AutoPlay to repeat:

    • Once a Day: plays the first time the AutoPlay rules are true each day
    • Once: plays only once
    • Always: plays every time the AutoPlay Rules are true
  6. Click Save to complete the AutoPlay Rule and return to the Smart WalkThru.

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