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I configured my Walk-Thru or Smart Walk-Thru to play automatically but it is not playing when I expect it to. How do I fix this?


There are a few reasons why a flow will not autoplay as expected.

Engagement Frequency

First, confirm the frequency of the AutoPlay. If it is set to play “Once” or “Once a Day”, try clearing your cache and cookies to see if it will re-appear.

Multiple AutoPlays

Only one Smart Walk-Thru or Walk-Thru can autostart at any given time (though ShoutOuts do not affect this). That means that if another flow is configured to autoplay on that page, it may prevent your intended flow from starting. If you have other AutoPlay Smart Walk-Thrus or Walk-Thrus, review their engagement rules to ensure they are not also able to play at the same time.


Segmentation affects AutoPlay as well. If your Smart Walk-Thru/Walk-Thru is segmented to only appear on a specific page, it will not be able to AutoPlay on the pages where it does not meet is segmentation conditions.

Element Visibility

AutoPlay rules are only checked at page load. That means if you are basing your AutoPlay rules on an element that does not immediately appear after a page refresh, the AutoPlay will fail. A workaround for this is to use a single URL rule for the AutoPlay condition, and set a “Wait for” condition at the beginning of the flow to wait for that element to be visible.

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