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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

What’s the difference between Segmentation and Auto Play?

Last Updated March 30, 2022


What's the difference between Segmentation and Auto Play?


Segmentation Center

The Segmentation Center is a tool that allows us to make items visible to just to specific users, user types, or pages on your website. By using Segmentation on a Launcher or a Walk-Thru, for example, you'll be able to determine who will see these items, on which pages, and even what time or date:

Learn more about the Segmentation Center and how to use it in our Segmentation article.

Auto Play

The Auto Play feature is a tool that allows you play a Walk-Thru without any user prompt. By using a Rule, you can define when and where a particular Walk-Thru will play automatically. The Auto Play feature also allows you to determine how frequently the Walk-Thru will play using the frequency drop-down:

Learn more about Auto Play and how to configure it in our Auto Play: Getting Started Guide.

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