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Brief Overview

An Automation Process is an automated Smart WalkThru that can run simultaneously while a visual Smart WalkThru (including balloon steps) is also running.

Smart WalkThrus that run as Automation Processes must consist entirely of AutoSteps, and must be initiated using an AutoPlay Rule.

Creating an Automation Process

  1. Create a Smart WalkThru using only Auto-Steps.This can include any steps that appear as orange in the WalkMe Editor (AutoSteps, WaitFor steps, Splits, etc.).  A Smart WalkThru including any Visual steps (blue steps) will not be able to run as an Automation Process.For more information on creating a Smart WalkThru with AutoSteps, see the Smart WalkThru: Getting Started Guide and the AutoSteps: Getting Started Guide.
  2. Add Autoplay Rules to the Smart WalkThru.
    For more information on adding AutoPlay rules to a Smart WalkThru, see the AutoPlay: Getting Started Guide.
  3. Check the Run as automation process checkbox in the AutoPlay settings.  This process will then run automatically when the autoplay rules are true, even if a Visual Smart WalkThru is also currently running.

Example Use Cases

You have built an automated Smart WalkThru that is triggered automatically when a user fills out a form or completes a process. If the user clicks on the WalkMe menu to start a Smart WalkThru, the automation on the page won’t run because only one Smart WalkThru can run at a time. To overcome this problem, Automation Processes will enable two Smart WalkThrus to run simultaneously: Visual SWTs (VSWT) and Automation SWTs (ASWT). Both VSWT and ASWT will be able to run in parallel, meaning, if a user is playing a VSWT and there is an AutoPlay rule starting an ASWT, both Smart WalkThrus will play as expected.

You can use this to complete automated actions based on a user’s actions during a Smart WalkThru.  For WalkMe content that allows for user input, like WalkMe Surveys, you can use the Automation Process to automatically fill in parts of the survey.


  • Automation SWT can’t have UI steps (meaning regular balloons) – it must be all automation.
  • No support in pass ownership.
  • Flow Tracker will show all the steps together.

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