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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Automation Glossary

Last Updated May 24, 2021

Brief Overview

This glossary provides a brief intro to general and WalkMe-specific automation terminology and contains definitions to terms you will see used throughout the Automation categories.

You may wish to keep this page open in a separate tab and refer back to it as you browse. If you notice a term that should be included here but is not, please contact Support and it will be included here if appropriate.

Attended Automation

This is an automation use case where the end-user is aware of the automation taking place. The user can see the automation happening on his/her screen.

While attended automation is occurring, the user typically cannot perform any actions on the screen/system on which the automation is running.

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A Smart Walk-Thru Step type that performs actions for the user when it's played during a flow. Auto-Step actions are element oriented (i.e. click, hover, focus, insert text and selection of a list value).

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Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of business processes. It is performed to achieve digital transformation or to increase service quality or to improve service delivery or to contain costs.

BPA consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

Empty clicks

Clicks that navigate a user through a process but remain the same every time. There is no input needed by the end-user.

Known Entry

A field or element that is known to be filled in with specific content under certain circumstances or in general.

One Time Process

A process that an end-user goes through once, or once every so often, but does not need to be completed regularly.

Page Action Step

A Smart Walk-Thru Step type that performs actions for the user when it's played during a flow. Page Action Steps are page oriented actions (i.e. redirect, refresh page and open WalkMe Player Menu).

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Repetitive Process

A process that an end-user must go through over and over again.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is when software (typically a bot) performs actions that include attended and unattended automation. RPA usually requires high development and R&D efforts to implement.

WalkMe's automation offering is focused mainly on enhancing the employee experience (attended automation), to accelerate the company's digital transformation. Hence the offering isn't full RPA.

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Semi-Automated Process

A process where the end-user's interaction is necessary for its completion. A semi-automated process will commonly navigate the user to a location where their interaction is required.

Unattended Automation

This is an automation use case where the end-user isn't aware of the automated actions that the machine is performing. The activity is done in the background and the user can work in parallel to this type of automation.

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