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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

What Is WalkMe Automation?

Last Updated April 4, 2022

Brief Overview

Automation is now for everyone! WalkMe firmly believes automation is the wave of the future, and we are accordingly devoting abundant time and effort to super-charging WalkMe Automation for builders and end-users alike.

WalkMe Automation offerings include the following:

  • WalkMe ActionBot;
  • Smart Walk-Thru Auto-Steps and Page Action Steps;
  • The Smart Walk-Thru Conversation Initiator; and
  • Dynamic Text.

These offerings can be combined in numerous ways to automate virtually any process, whether it be builders creating Smart Walk-Thrus and turning them into Bots and Conversations, or end-users updating HRM systems, completing online forms, or whatever else they require.

WalkMe Automation is simple to implement and requires no back-end or API integration. With intuitive, easy-to-handle drag and drop interfaces, there is no need for a technical background or any developer effort.

Use Cases

WalkMe Automation use cases include the following and much, much more:

  • Automate processes related to and across calendaring, Support, HR, and CRM systems;
  • Eliminate empty clicks and tedious tasks;
  • Increase efficiency;
  • Reduce employee and end-user error;
  • Improve user experience (“UX”);
  • Enhance data integrity.

WalkMe Automation Apps Overview


The WalkMe ActionBot allows your employees and end-users to accomplish tasks by engaging in natural conversations with a bot. ActionBot enhances the customer and employee experience by eliminating confusion, errors, and frustration while helping users complete tasks.

ActionBot consists of a Launcher, a Bot, a Conversation, and an Action (which is actually a Smart Walk-Thru).

Learn more here! 

Smart Walk-Thru

Smart Walk-Thrus simplify the user experience by providing on-screen guidance at the moment of need so that your customers can complete any task successfully.

Smart Walk-Thrus can now be fully automated (if appropriate to the use case), and serve as the Action component of the ActionBot. You can also create a Bot and Conversation directly from a Smart Walk-Thru, automating two birds with one DAP!


A step-type of Smart Walk-Thrus, Auto-Steps complete element-oriented actions (like clicking links, clicking buttons, filling in text, and choosing a selection from a dropdown menu) on behalf of your end-users.

Learn more here! 

Additionally, you can now seamlessly convert any number of regular Steps to Auto-Steps and vice-versa, making the process of automating Smart Walk-Thrus easier than ever!

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Page Action Steps

A step-type of Smart Walk-Thrus, Page Action Steps complete page-oriented actions (like redirecting, refreshing pages, and opening the WalkMe Menu) on behalf of your end-users.

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Dynamic Text

Dynamic text allows you to personalize and automate text used in balloons and ShoutOuts. Use cases include:

  • Eliminating the need for end-users to enter repetitive information across multiple forms;
  • Avoiding asking users to type in complicated codes and ID numbers; and
  • Shortening the number of steps in a process.

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How to Lead Users to choose Automated Guidance

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