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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Convert Smart Walk-Thru Steps to Auto-Steps

Last Updated March 22, 2021

Brief Overview

You can now convert previously captured Smart Walk-Thru Steps to Auto-Steps and vice versa. This makes it far easier to convert existing processes into automated ones, eliminating the need to recapture all the relevant steps!

Pro-Tip: Newly converted Auto-Steps / Steps will be considered as new Steps in our analytics systems.

How to Convert Steps

Converting a Single Step

  1. Hover over the Step you wish to convert;
  2. In Step Action Menu, hover over the three dots;
  3. Click Convert to Step / Auto-Step (depending on whether the Step is regular or an Auto-Step):


  • When something is preventing a Step from being converted, the convert buttons will be disabled and you will see a tooltip explaining why the Step cannot be converted;
  • When the Step is not convertible at all, no conversion button will be visible;
  • When a 'Type' trigger Step is converted, its Title AND Description will both be inserted into the Auto-Step's Value for easier conversion and editing.

Converting Multiple Steps

  1. Manually select one or more steps you would like to convert;
  2. Click the proper convert icon (depending on whether you're converting Steps or Auto-Steps) in the footer of the Editor:
    • If you select both Step types and click one of the convert buttons, only the relevant Steps will be converted. The others will remain the same.


  • When selecting a mixture of supported and non-supported Step types, you will see a message explaining that only the supported Step types will be converted;
  • When selecting a group of non-convertible steps, no conversion buttons will appear in the footer.

Conversion Outcomes

Step conversion supports the following step triggers

Step Trigger Auto-Step Action
Click Click
Type Fill Text
Specific List Value Select List Value
Hover Hover
Swipe* Swipe*

* Available for Mobile Web Editor only.

The following triggers are not supported for conversion

  • Next
  • Custom
  • BBcode
  • Delay
  • Page Refresh
  • Any List Value
  • Multiple
  • Peer

The following Steps are not supported for conversion

  • Peer Steps
  • Popup Steps
  • Flow Steps
  • Page Action Steps

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