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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Advanced Building Options with Smart Walk-Thrus (11)

  • Last Update January 21, 2024

    How to Create jQuery Selectors for WalkMe

    jQuery Selectors tell WalkMe where on the page it needs to focus, whether it be for content location, Triggers or Segmentation.

  • Last Update April 17, 2024

    Variables Cheatsheet

    A Variable is useful information about a user such as role, access level, department, email or user ID that is stored on a web page.

  • Last Update March 28, 2021

    Auto Play SWT based on Element in Cross-Domain iFrame

    If your site utilizes Cross-Domain iFrames, you may run into scenarios where you’d like to Auto Play a Smart Walk-Thru based on an element in the Cross-Domain iFrame.

  • Last Update March 22, 2021

    Convert Smart Walk-Thru Steps to Auto-Steps

    Converting Smart Walk-Thru Steps to Auto-Steps makes it far easier to convert existing processes into automated ones, eliminating the need to recapture all the relevant steps.

  • Last Update June 13, 2024

    How to Change Text in “Next/Done” Buttons

    Learn how to change the button text for steps using CSS.

  • Last Update December 29, 2022

    Restart Smart Walk-Thru Steps

    Using Restart Smart Walk-Thru Step allows your end-user to go through the same Smart Walk-Thru multiple times so you can reuse the beginning steps.

  • Last Update February 29, 2024

    Initiator and End Experience Panel

    The Initiator and End Experience Panel allows you to build full solutions from within a Smart Walk-Thru to save you time and promote a more engagement driven experience.

  • Last Update May 8, 2023

    Set WalkMe Data Flow Steps

    WalkMe Data is information you can store in the end-user’s browser such as when they select an item or land on a specific page, that can then be used in the Rule Engine to...

  • Last Update April 30, 2024

    WalkMe Data

    WalkMe Data is information relating to end-users such as ‘when they select an item’ or ‘land on a specific page’. This information can be used in the Rule Engine to segment items, create rules,...

  • Last Update May 18, 2022

    Custom Triggers

    Custom Triggers give the users flexibility to complete a step in more ways than one. With custom triggers you can select additional elements on the screen that will trigger the next step.