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Brief Overview

Custom Triggers give the users flexibility to complete a step in more ways than one. With custom triggers you can select additional elements on the screen that will trigger the next step.


This article is about Smart Walk-Thrus. What’s the difference between Walk-Thru and Smart Walk-Thrus?

Use custom triggers when you want to streamline the process within a Smart Walk-Thru and reduce the the amount of user clicks or when there are various ways to complete a step.

For example, you can create a custom trigger that checks if a valid e-mail address is entered before the Smart Walk-Thru proceeds to the next step without having to click Next on the balloon.

Another scenario is when there are two Save buttons on the page. While either one of these buttons could trigger the next step, if the user selects the Save button that was not originally selected as the element for that step, the Smart Walk-Thru stops playing. To accommodate for this, the custom trigger allows for either one of the Save buttons to be clicked.


How it Works

A custom trigger can be added on any step. WalkMe will play the next step in the process if rules in the Rule Engine of the Custom Trigger are true.

Add a Custom Trigger

  1. Click on the step to open up the Step Options Menu.
  2. Under interaction tab, select Custom Trigger from Select Triggers section.
  3. The rule engine opens.
  4. Add rules that determine when the next step should play.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Save.

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