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The Initiator and End Experience Panel allows you to build full solutions from within a Smart Walk-Thru to save you time and promote a more engagement driven experience. The Initiator Panel allows you to quickly view information on items that initiate the Smart Walk-Thru and also quickly control which Survey(s) play after a Smart Walk-Thru has been exited or completed.


The Initiator and End Experience Panel is only available on the newest version of the Editor.

The Short Version

Prior to the Initiator Panel,  when a user was looking at a Smart Walk-Thru there was no way to know immediately, which Launchers connected to it, if it was in the player menu or not, or if Auto Play was already set up. Now with a quick glance at the Initiator Panel, you can find all of this information within seconds.

Additionally, while building your Smart Walk-Thru if you decide a Launcher needs to be created as an entry point to the Smart Walk-Thru, you can easily do this from the Initiator Panel without having to navigate to the Launcher App.

Building and Editing a Smart Walk-Thru becomes easier with the Initiator panel as well since you can quickly navigate to a connected Smart Walk-Thru to view or edit it.

The End Experience shows if a Survey is linked to the Smart Walk-Thru. This brings the experience full circle by also allowing you to control what survey you would like to provide to a user after a Smart Walk-Thru has been exited or completed.

How it Works

Mini Panels

Once you have added your first step the two mini panels will appear, one at the top (Initiator) and one at the bottom (End Experience).

Initiator Panel
You will note that there are 3 icons at the top, which indicate the following:

  1. Auto Play indicator which shows a green check if an auto play rule is set up for the current Smart Walk-Thru;
  2. The Smart Walk-Thrus counter which counts Smart-Walk-Thrus that have a “Connect To Smart Walk-Thru” step that connects to the Smart Walk-Thru that a user is viewing at the moment. This count is unique, for example, if Smart Walk-Thru B has two “Connect to Smart Walk-Thrus” to Smart Walk-Thru A, the panel of Smart Walk-Thru B will only show a count of 1 connected Smart Walk-Thru;
  3. Launcher counter which counts Launchers that will play the Smart Walk-Thru that you are currently viewing. You can also click on the icon to add a new Launcher.

End Experience Panel

This panel indicates if at least one survey is set for the Smart Walk-Thru you are currently viewing with a green check mark whereas no check mark means that there are no surveys associated with the Smart Walk-Thru.

Expanded Panel

The Expanded Panel is displayed upon clicking one of the mini panels. Once you clicked into the Expanded panel, you can do the following:

  1. View and Edit the Smart Walk-Thru Auto Play rule and set the frequency at which it plays;
  2. Edit another Smart Walk-Thru connected to the current one you are viewing by clicking on the name of the Smart Walk-Thru;
  3. View the full name of Launchers and Smart Walk-Thrus that are initiating the specific Smart Walk-Thru that user is viewing. You will also see the specific step number that is initiated if applicable;
  4. Create, Edit, Play, and Delete Launchers all from one window without having to navigate away from the Smart Walk-Thru;
  5. Determine whether the Smart Walk-Thru is configured to show in the player menu;
  6. Obtain Permalink;
  7. Select the survey that plays upon completing and or exiting the Smart Walk-Thru.
    • To select a Survey, click the End Experience icon, navigate to the Survey field, and select your desired Survey’s name from the dropdown list to its right.

Saving changes:

  • Saving changes that were made in Expanded panel is done via the map’s Save button;
  • Note that a newly created Launcher will be saved upon clicking Save in Launcher Properties screen;

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