Launchers: Getting Started Guide

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Brief Overview

Launchers are buttons added to your platform that can be used to trigger another piece of WalkMe content.  Launchers are usually used to trigger Smart Walk-Thrus, but can also be used to launch ShoutOuts, Resources, or Shuttles.

💡Tip: WalkMe Compass Guides

WalkMe Compass offers in-app, step-by-step guidance to help you on this subject. Click on the links throughout the article to be redirected to the WalkMe Editor. You must be logged in to your editor in order for the guidance to launch.

→ View the Launchers Overview Guide

Create a Launcher

💡WalkMe Compass Guide

→ View the Creating a Launcher Guide

  1. In the WalkMe Editor, click the orange plus sign and select Launcher. Name the Launcher.
  2. After naming the Launcher, you will select an element to attach the launcher to in your browser. You can then use the in-browser Launcher menu to adjust the position of the Launcher before finalizing the Launcher settings.

  3. Click the orange plus sign to add steps to the Smart WalkThru. This will open the in-browser editor window.
  4. Once you have selected an element, you will set the Launcher Options.  In the Interactions tab, choose the Action that will occur when a user clicks the Launcher:
  5. You will then set the display conditions for the Launcher. Click the Display Condition tab.
    In Display Conditions, click Create a rule.
  6. Use the Rule Engine to set display conditions for the Launcher
    For best performance, the first rule in this display condition should be the URL where you want the Launcher to appear. This prevents WalkMe from looking for the Launcher’s selected element on every page.
  7. Click Save to Save the Launcher.

Change Launcher Icon

  1. Open the Launcher that you want to customize.
  2. In the Interaction tab, click Change Launcher to change the appearance of the Launcher.
  3. On the Interaction page, you can adjust the balloon settings that were created when you initially created the step in the browser.
    Here you can change the text of the balloon, the position of the balloon, and the triggers that are used to advance the balloon step.
  4. You can choose from the default launchers and colors in the Gallery, or you can create a Customized Launcher with specific text.

Create a Customized Launcher

  1. To create a customized Launcher, click the Customize tab:
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Use the Customize Design menu to adjust the text, color, and overall appearance of the Launcher:

    Click Save when complete.

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