Best Practices for Creating Launchers

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Give Launchers Clear and Straightforward Titles in the Editor

It’s important to make sure everything you create has clear names, especially Launchers! There may be several similar Launchers in the WalkMe Editor. Making sure to use straightforward names will reduce confusion and make collaboration easier.

Customize Launcher Text to Clearly Identify Action

When it makes sense, customize the text of the icon to give more information rather than the generic “Walk Me Through” message. Remember: You can customize your Launcher’s text and color without using any code.


  • Guide Me’ is better than ‘?’ (unless you have many of them);
  • Get more tips’ is better than ‘Learn more’;
  • Open menu’ is better than ‘Options.’

Self Promotion is the Best Promotion

Launcher text should be self-referential and self-promotional.


  • How to create an opportunity;
  • Sign up here;
  • Click here to read our new privacy policy.

Location, Location, Location!

Locate the Launcher in the place where the user is most likely to need it, rather than in the cleanest location. For example, if a Smart Walk-Thru is guiding the user through the completion of a form, its Launcher needs to be at the top of the form, where the user begins filling the form out.

When in Rome…

Launcher design should be influenced by the host website/application’s design. Investigate the buttons of the site (radius, spacing, states, etc.) for clues on the design scheme. 

Adjust Z-Index if the Launcher is Blocking Other Elements

Sometimes Launchers may appear on top of other elements when you want them to appear below. For example, you may have a Launcher on the page that also appears on top of the drop down menu. To fix this, go into your Launcher’s Selected Element tab and change the z-Index value.

Z-index allows websites to layer items on the page and if your Launcher is blocking or being blocked, simply try changing the Z-Index in the WalkMe Editor. Find the Z-Index in the Display Conditions tab of the Launcher Options Menu.


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