Last Updated April 11, 2023

Brief Overview

Launchers are buttons you can place on your website that trigger another WalkMe action when clicked, such as play a Smart Walk-Thru, Resource, Shuttle, or a Set of Validation Smart Tips. Launchers are highly effective at increasing user engagement and solving common interface problems.

Launchers can be placed directly where users might need additional guidance. The actions that Launchers start get higher usage and have a greater impact.

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To learn how to build Launchers, read the Launchers: Getting Started Guide.

Use Cases

Launcher use cases include the following:

  • Play a Walk-Thru: Give users the option to start a Walk-Thru immediately from an FAQ page;
  • Open an article or video Resource: Provide users with multimedia assistance when they need it most;
  • Activate a Shuttle: Place links to important resources or other websites at the user’s fingertips;
  • Launch a Survey: Prompt users to complete a satisfaction Survey;
  • Run a Validation SmartTip Set (Check My Form): Place a Launcher that will run a field input check and indicate mistakes on a form;
  • Open the Player Menu: Remind a new employee of their remaining Onboarding tasks.

For advanced use cases, check out the following article – Building Advanced Launchers

How It Works

When a page is loaded, WalkMe will first check segmentation rules & display conditions to see what items may be relevant on that page. Then it will search for the relevant element the Launcher is attached to.

Use Segmentation & Display Conditions to display Launchers only to certain target audiences, on specific pages, or under particular conditions.

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