Launchers (5)

  • Last Update April 26, 2020


    Brief Overview Launchers are quick-start buttons you can place on your website that start another WalkMe action when clicked, such as play a Walk-Thru, Resource, Shuttle, or a Set of Validation Smart Tips. Launchers...
  • Last Update April 26, 2020

    Launchers: Getting Started Guide

    Brief Overview Launchers are buttons added to your platform that can be used to trigger another piece of WalkMe content.  Launchers are usually used to trigger Smart Walk-Thrus, but can also be used to...
  • Last Update January 7, 2020

    Best Practices for Creating Launchers

    Give Launchers Clear and Straightforward Titles in the Editor It’s important to make sure everything you create has clear names, especially Launchers! There may be several similar Launchers in the WalkMe Editor. Making sure...