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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Flow Steps

Last Updated March 28, 2021

Brief Overview

Smart Walk-Thru Flow Steps allow you to change the way that users go through a Smart Walk-Thru process. Flow Steps are an essential part of developing Smart Walk-Thrus that accommodate different situations and types of users.

Unlike regular Steps in a Smart Walk-Thru, which are visible and provide guidance to the end user on a website, Flow Steps are not visible to the end user; rather they allow you to control how the Smart Walk-Thru plays. Regular steps appear as blue and Flow Steps appears as orange in the Smart Walk-Thru Map in the Editor.


Accommodate Alternative Paths Through A Process

Splits allow for variation in your guidance. A Split will create a branch off the Main Path where you can create dedicated steps that will only show under certain circumstances. Using Splits allow you to make flexible guidance that can accommodate users to take different paths through a process.
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Wait For

Wait for Certain Conditions Before Continuing Guidance

A Wait For will cause the Smart Walk-Thru to wait for a certain amount of time or until a certain condition is met before continuing. Using Wait For Flow Steps help ensure a smooth experience for your user.
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Automate Element-Oriented Actions On Behalf of a User

Smart Walk-Thrus can go further than directing a user to enter text or click a link; they can actually automate those actions and perform them on users' behalves. Auto-Steps can perform all manner of element-oriented actions, such as clicking on, hovering over, focusing on, and filling text into an element, or selecting a list value from a dropdown menu.
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Page Action

Automate Page-Oriented Actions On Behalf of a User

Smart Walk-Thrus can also automate page-oriented actions. Page Actions can perform numerous such actions, such as opening the Player Menu, refreshing the page, and redirecting to a new page.
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Connect to Smart Walk-Thru

Connect Walk-Thru To Another Process

Connect to Smart Walk-Thru allows you to branch to another Smart Walk-Thru to reuse steps that you have already created in another Walk-Thru.
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Error Handling Group

Help Users Despite Errors

Error Handling Groups are a feature in Smart Walk-Thrus that allow you to create additional steps that will appear when a user encounters an error. Using Error Handling Groups help to make sure users get the help they need to get all the way through a process.
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Switch to Frame

Play Steps Across Domains

Switch to Frame allows your Smart Walk-Thru to continue playing across domains, such as in an IFrame or a HTML popup window.
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Set WalkMe Data

Use Cookies To Track User Behavior

WalkMe Data is information you can store in the end-user's browser such as when they select an item or land on a specific page. WalkMe Data is set using a WalkMe Data Flow Step. This data can then be used in the Rule Engine to contextualize your WalkMe support; for example, to Segment items, create Splits, or initiate a Walk-Thru to play automatically.
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