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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Connect to Smart Walk-Thru Step Getting Started Guide

Last Updated February 9, 2024

Brief Overview

Connect to Smart Walk-Thru is a Flow Step that allows you to branch to another Smart Walk-Thru to reuse steps that you have already created in another Walk-Thru.

Connect to Smart Walk-Thru Flow Steps help make it simple to create guidance even for complex processes. The benefit of using a Connect to Smart Walk-Thru instead of recreating steps is that if the steps change, there is only one central Smart Walk-Thru that needs updating, as opposed to returning to all Smart Walk-Thrus to make updates.

A Connect to Smart Walk-Thru can also be used to break long processes into smaller chunks that can be pieced together. By building in this way, you will have greater flexibility for using these Smart Walk-Thrus as building blocks that can be engaged in several ways.

How it Works

Connect to Smart Walk-Thrus can be added anywhere in a Smart Walk-Thru: in the main path, in a branch, in a branch off a branch, etc. When WalkMe gets to the Connect to Smart Walk-Thru, it will start playing the identified Smart Walk-Thru, either from the beginning of the Smart Walk-Thru or from a specified start point. The original Smart Walk-Thru will resume playing after the user completes all steps in the connected Smart Walk-Thru.

Add a Connect to Smart Walk-Thru

  1. Open a Smart Walk-Thru
  2. Hover between the two steps where you want to add a connection
  3. Click the orange + icon
  4. Select Connect to Smart WT
  5. In the options menu, select the Smart Walk-Thru you would like to connect to
  6. Select where it should start from
    • Beginning of flow: Start from the first step of the Smart Walk-Thru
    • Specific step: Choose a specific step begin playing from
  7. Click Done

When a Smart Walk-Thru reaches a Connection Step, it will begin playing the attached Smart Walk-Thru. When the Connected Smart Walk-Thru is complete, the parent Walk-Thru will resume.

From within the parent Smart Walk-Thru, click the 'Go to' button on the Connect to SWT step menu.

Click the Back button, or click 'Cancel' to return to the editor view.

Connect To Rule Types

Connect to Smart Walk-Thrus are often used in a Split. For example, in a process for which another condition is a prerequisite, the Walk-Thru may start with a Split that checks for that condition. If it is required, the Walk-Thru will Split off the Main Path and connect to a Walk-Thru that guides the user through the prerequisite condition, and then connect back to the Main Path.

In the image below, a Walk-Thru for guiding an employee through submitting a leave request first checks if the user is logged into the system. If not, the Walk-Thru will play the Employee login Walk-Thru.

Technical Notes

Renaming Smart Walk-Thrus

  • If you rename a Smart Walk-Thru (SWT A → SWT A1) that is used as a connect to step in another Smart Walk-Thru (SWT B), when you check data on the SWT A1, it will show the correct updated name in reporting, and when you check data on SWT B it will still reference the old name SWT A, instead of SWT A1
  • This is expected as the old name is expected to show up in the SWT B data file related to Connect To step

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