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Brief Overview

The WalkMe Help Desk app enables you to add a link to the Player Menu that connects your end-users directly to your support services. By including a link to your support site in the Player Menu, users canĀ navigate to your support resources with just one click.

The Short Version

If you have an existing support channel site, you can add a link to it directly into the WalkMe Player Menu. Support sites you may want to link to include:

  • Open a Support Ticket
  • Community Forum
  • Knowledge Base

How It Works

Help Desk Integration is an App within WalkMe. Once the Help Desk Integration is activated and configured, the link to the URL will appear in the Player Menu. When a user clicks the Help Desk Link, they will be redirected to your support site.

To enable your Help Desk link to go directly to an email address,Ā, enter in the URL field: “”

Configure Help Desk

Configure Help Desk Integration by clicking the Help Desk Integration icon in the App center and complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on Help Desk Integration
  2. Add the title text for the link
  3. Include the URL
  4. Click Save
  5. You’re not done yet! Just clicking Save will not make the Help Desk appear to your users, you still need to “settings publish” your change, which will not change any of your published Walk-Thrus or other Apps. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Click Publish in the Admin Bar.
    2. Open the Publish Tab.
    3. Deselect all items.
    4. Click Publish to Test/Production.


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