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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Branding for Mobile Workstation

Last Updated November 28, 2023

Brief Overview

The Workstation Mobile application is designed to provide a seamless work experience for employees on-the-go. We understand that our clients want their employees to feel a sense of belonging and identification with their organization. That's why we've introduced branding capabilities in our mobile application, allowing customers to personalize their Workstation on an organizational level.

Building on the success of our desktop app, we're excited to announce that our mobile app now offers the same branding features. Users can easily change the logo on their mobile app to reflect their organization, which will be displayed on the home tab and splash screen. This way, employees can stay connected to their company's brand even when they're away from their desk.


We're not able to provide a dedicated mobile section in the Console at the moment (planned for the future), thus the logo is changed from the Icon section in the desktop Workstation area in Console. 

Get to Know and Use

How to Upload the Icon to the Mobile App

  1. Navigate to WalkMe Console → WorkstationBranding

2. Click the Icon tab and upload images according to the limitations:

  • Application icon
    • Format: PNG, dimensions: 512x512px
  • Single color icon (Upload the same icon)
    • Format: PNG, dimensions: 512x512px

Preview is not available for the Mobile Workstation icon.

3. Click Publish

4. Relaunch the app to have the changes applied

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