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Last Updated January 16, 2023

Brief Overview

In the new Workstation design, users are able to update their branding settings directly on their own, via Console.

In the old design, customization is still available for the Welcome screen and the app. However, old existing customizations will not migrate. Customers will be required to submit their customizations from the branding page to have it apply on their new Workstation redesign.

The following settings can be customized in the new Workstation design by the user vi the Console.

Main Screen

  1. The primary color can be applied for the header of the screen
  2. The secondary color – for the sidebar
  3. A company logo (PNG file, minimum resolution – 48×48 pixels) can be uploaded. It will appear in the left bottom corner of the screen

Welcome Screen

The following can be uploaded and/or customized:

  1. The cover image for the upper part of the screen (PNG file, dimensions: 500×240)
  2. Company logo which will appear in the center of the screen (PNG file, dimensions: 45×45)
  3. Welcome text, including title (up to 60 characters), subtitle (up to 70 characters), and the button (up to 15 characters)


  1. The color of the desktop widget can be selected
  2. The logo which will appear inside the widget can be uploaded (PNG file)


An icon can be uploaded to customize the notifications. It will appear on the left side of the message (PNG file, dimensions: 64×64)

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