Integrations Page in Workstation Console

Last Updated August 10, 2022

Brief Overview

A management interface for Workstation is available in the WalkMe Console. Workstation system can be created from the Workstation Console App for all admin users on accounts that do not have Workstation yet. Console users can also manage what integrations to enable on Workstation.

This article explains the Integrations page.


From the Integrations page Workstation admins can manage which applications they would like to integrate on their Workstation. Search is available by app names.

Apps are organized in 3 tabs:

  • All – All available Applications
  • Connected – Only connected applications
  • Available – Only applications not yet connected

If an application requires setup on the vendor side, a “Setup” button will appear.

Once all needed configuration is there, or if no additional configuration is required, the “Enable” button becomes available for end users.

Clicking “Disable” will disable the app.


Some applications require users to also add and approve them for use on their Workstation, even if an admin enabled them on the system level. An application that was not enabled on the system level will not be available for users.

For more information on how to setup each specific application, check out the Integrations Setup section.

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