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Getting Started with Workstation (9)

  • Last Update September 27, 2020

    About the Workstation Notification Center

    Brief Overview The Notification Center lets you create a list of Notifications (ShoutOuts) to be displayed for your users. Notifications will be displayed as a priority on screen, this means that it will not...
  • Last Update May 12, 2020

    About the Workstation Widget

    Brief Overview The Workstation Widget is a multi-access tool, allowing users to play and integrate WalkMe features throughout your Desktop platform. Known as the Player Menu in WalkMe Web this tool allows WalkMe content...
  • Last Update August 25, 2020

    Preview in Mac Editor from Desktop and Workstation

    Brief Overview To enable the ability to preview your content in the Editor for Mac users, follow these steps: Step 1: Enable the feature Contact your WalkMe Account Manager to Enable the preview feature...
  • Last Update December 14, 2020

    ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop

    Brief Overview This article explains how to build a WalkMe ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop. A WalkMe ActionBot is a chat interface that end-users interact with to complete tasks and answer questions. ActionBot can...
  • Last Update October 26, 2020

    About WalkMe Workstation

    Brief Overview Introducing a new experience for Windows, MAC, and Web with WalkMe Workstation, part of the WalkMe Desktop offering, which is WalkMe’s guidance solution for Desktop applications. Guide your users through Desktop applications...
  • Last Update October 23, 2020

    Web to Desktop/Workstation Feature Comparison

    Brief Overview This table provides a quick overview of some of the app capability differences between WalkMe Web and WalkMe Desktop. *SAP, Java-based apps on Windows only.   App Feature Web Desktop Integrated*  ...
  • Last Update November 3, 2020

    Installing the WalkMe Editor for Desktop and Workstation

    Brief Overview The WalkMe Desktop Editor is the same Editor used in WalkMe Web, it allows builders to create and develop solutions on their desktop platform. For Enterprise Accounts (MSA accounts), Desktop is considered...
  • Last Update March 30, 2020

    Building a Smart Walk-Thru With Only Popup Steps

    Brief Overview In some cases, Desktop will not be able to capture certain elements on certain apps, in these cases, we can use popup steps in order to guide the user. A popup step...
  • Last Update April 12, 2020

    Insights with Desktop and Workstation

    Brief Overview WalkMe Insights is WalkMe’s in-depth analytics platform, providing core analytics for all WalkMe items and general user behavior in your product. WalkMe Insights is comprised of several analytics tools to help you accomplish...
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