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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Content Manager in Workstation Console

Last Updated February 11, 2024
Content Manager Relocated to Menu Organizer

  • The Content Manager no longer has its own page in the WalkMe Console. All menu content management has been consolidated
  • Adding WalkMe Items to Workstation is now accessible from the Menu Organizer
    • To manage menu content for Workstation in the Menu Organizer, simply select a Workstation system from the Systems dropdown

Brief Overview

A management interface for Workstation is available in the WalkMe Console. Workstation system can be created from the Workstation Console App for all admin users on accounts that do not have Workstation yet. Console users can also manage what integrations to enable on Workstation.

This article explains the Content Manager page.

Content Manager

The Content Manager page is very similar to the Menu Organizer page available for all web-based WalkMe systems. For more information on the Menu Organizer, see this article.

Additional capabilities of the Workstation Content Manager page include the ability to copy over items from other existing systems under the account.

A new drop-down is available for selecting which system to view items for. Selecting a different system will refresh the content side pane.

When selecting an item from another system to be published in the Workstation menu, it will be copied over to the Workstation system while also updating it to be included in the menu.


  • Only Resources, Videos, and Articles are supported to be copied from other systems.
  • Onboarding Tasks and Smart Walk-Thrus are not supported.
  • Segmentation is not copied over.

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