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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Settings Page in Workstation Console

Last Updated December 15, 2022

Brief Overview

A management interface for Workstation is available in the WalkMe Console. Workstation system can be created from the Workstation Console App for all admin users on accounts that do not have Workstation yet. Console users can also manage what integrations to enable on Workstation.

Settings Page

The Settings page is a centralized place for all configurations required by the Workstation.

It includes 2 sections:

SSO section

This section shows configuration related to how users sign into Workstation.

  • "IDP providers detected" is a dynamic read only field that shows What IDP providers are currently configured and enabled on Workstation.

It supports showing any IDP configured from the Admin Center to be enabled on Workstation for ProductionTest, or Success environments. (Custom environments are not supported)

If more than 1 IDP is enabled for different environments, we expect to see them both.
If IDP system assignment was updated, a page refresh is required for this field to show the latest updated state.

Company Domain

Workstation enables customers to use social connectors, such as G-Suite, as an alternative login mechanism to IDP.

To support that Workstation systems holds a mapping between the domain part of the user's email, and the customer specific Workstation system.

  • The Domain field hold the setting for that domain.
    • For example: If the G-suite is used for logging into services with the work email, then the expected value in the Domain input field should be
  • Customers are able to edit this value if needed from this form. Note this will require all users to log in again when not using any IDP.
  • For domain-based authentication to work, no IDP should be enabled for the current environment and Workstation system. Enabled IDPs supersede any domain-based settings.
  • If you load Workstation without also including your specific JSON settings file, Workstation does not know what system should be loaded and loads a default system. By analyzing the domain part of the email user tries to log in with, it will reload Workstation with the proper system based on its value.
  • Multiple values can be entered in the domain field. To add more values, click "Add Domain".

Mobile section

  • The Mobile WalkMe Workstation needs to be linked to a customer's Master Extension profile. It uses that profile to know which WalkMe account and system should be loaded on different sites.
  • The section includes the Customer and profile names of the currently linked Master Extension profile.


  • Users can now hide or change the feedback button
  • If they want to override it, any custom URL can be used
  • There's also an option to keep the default settings - the Workstation feedback button

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