Workstation Bubble

Last Updated April 11, 2023

Brief Overview

The Workstation Bubble is a tool added by default to the home screen, which allows easy access to Workstation. Clicking on it will open the Workstation App.

The Bubble is an easy drag & drop icon, which can be placed by the user in the  preferred screen location. It can either float on the screen, or snap to the side of the screen.

Bubble Customization

Customizing the Bubble can be done in two levels:

Organization level

From the Console’s Workstation Branding page, the admin can set the default Bubble’s design for all end-users-

  • Color
  • Symbol (company logo)

User level

From the Settings → Preferences page, the user can choose emoji that will appear within the Bubble-

Unread Notifications

Check the unread notifications counter using the red indicator.

Disabling the Bubble

Can be done in two levels:

Organization level

If the Bubble or Bubble settings isn’t displayed, it might be disabled for your organization. Reach out to your WalkMe admin or CSM for further information.

User level

Users disable the Bubble on the Settings → Preferences page or click the cog that appears on hover over the Bubble. If needed, disable the Bubble from the settings.


  • The Workstation Bubble is only supported on Electron, Version 1.0 (New Design) or higher.
  • Emojis can’t be disabled on the organization level.

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