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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Workstation In-App Guidance

Last Updated May 21, 2024

Brief Overview

Workstation supports in-application guidance on top of any desktop application. By using this, you can create popup steps in a specific location within an application window.


In-App Guidance is a paid feature and cannot be enabled out-of-the-box to all customers.

Product Comparison Guide

Workstation In-App Guidance Workstation for SAP
Supported Items Smart Walk-Thrus, Popup Steps, Resources All
Product Summary Popup guidance on top of any desktop application Contextual guidance for SAP ECC
Element Recognition and Capturing
Deployment Method Workstation Deployment Workstation Deployment
Balloon Positioning Any location in application window Attached to On Screen Element

Demo Video

Get to Know and Use

Set Conditions for In-App Guidance Switch to Frame Step

Leverage Switch to Frame rules as an indicator for when a Smart Walk-Thru should be able to play in-app and in which app.

To set a rule for when a Smart Walk-Thru should play in-app, follow these steps:

  1. Click Set Condition to create a rule
  2. Select the rule App in Focus to enable in-app popup playing
  3. The rule will provide an indication of ProcessName and AppTitle - Please select which is suitable for you:
    1. ProcessName: Any Process Name / Process Name Is / Process Name Like
    2. AppTitle: Any Application Title / Application Title Equals / Application Title Like
      • Note: This field is optional

All following steps in this Smart Walk-Thru will aim to appear inside the defined App In Focus.


Where to Show In-App Guidance

Leverage the existing Data file reference for the balloon location settings (see reference image).

  • Application window recognition (per Smart Walk-Thru)
  • Balloon Position Settings
  • Inside the app or outside the app
Balloon location settings

Size setting (see reference image)


  • Once a Smart Walk-Thru starts playing in one window it will not play in another until the first Smart Walk-Thru stops
  • Smart Walk-Thru should start in the window in the front focused if multiple window are running

Balloon size settings

When to stop playing in-app guidance

The in-app guidance will stop when a App Not in Focus rule is applied to the Switch to Frame step. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Set Condition to create a rule
  2. Click Add Rule
  3. Select the rule App Not in Focus

Note: Any following popups will play regularly (on display, not in-app)

Filling Out App In Focus Rules

After selecting the App in Focus Rule, there are two typing field to fill out: ProcessName and AppTitle.

Below are some best practices for locating and filling out these fields.

Finding Process Name

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager
  2. Press and hold CTRL, Shift, ESC on your keyboard
  3. Copy the process name

Finding Application Title

  1. Open your desired desktop application
  2. Copy the application title from the title bar

Filling Out App In Focus

Process Name Is

  • Works with and without .EXE
  • Not case sensitive
  • If more than one process with that name is running, Workstation will use the one in focus

Process Name Like

  • Add wildcard * before or after name according to variations
  • Not case sensitive

Any Process Name (Requires Application Title)


  • Once a Smart Walk-Thru starts playing in one window it will not play in another until the first Smart Walk-Thru stops
  • Only popup steps are supported
  • FedRAMP support: Workstation will support WalkMe's trusted FedRAMP-Ready Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) which meets the strict security and privacy standards of the US federal government

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