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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Winter ’24 Product Release

Last Updated February 20, 2024

Product spotlight: See what's new at WalkMe!

We're excited to announce the latest product innovation in our Winter '24 product release. With this release, we're accelerating DAP's time to value across your organization. Starting today, you get:

  • More speed. Swiftly scope, build, and deploy with WalkMe's new Workflow Accelerators 
  • More visibility. Customize and extend DAP analytics to better prioritize your strategies 
  • More scale. Build for scale and resiliency with more enterprise-grade capabilities

Ready to dive in and explore the latest updates? Let's get started!

More Speed

Make critical workflows run better with Workflow Accelerators

WalkMe's Workflow Accelerators are the fastest path to fixing the digital friction hiding in your workflows

For the most critical workflows and applications in your domain — take for example employee onboarding in HR, or order management in Sales — we've identified the tasks that are most likely to cause friction, and let you customize a set of the digital adoption tools that are most effective at eliminating that friction, task by task, across apps.

Created based on decades of executing and refining enterprise-wide digital adoption programs, our Workflow Accelerators take away the headache of trying to figure out why and where business workflows break down, and reduce the time and effort it takes to make those workflows work for your people.

(Check out the website, or for WalkMe users, see it live in the Console)

Drive effective and compliant AI adoption with Shadow AI Actions

Ensure effective and compliant AI adoption with guidance and guardrails on AI sites or apps, all without additional WalkMe systems configuration, previous WalkMe knowledge, or opening the Editor! WalkMe Discovery customers can take action on the Shadow AI you've discovered and quickly deploy shoutouts to block or redirect traffic, all without leaving WalkMe Discovery.

Act on form insights in an instant with UI Intelligence Actions

Act quickly on intelligence to improve form performance. UI Intelligence Actions — now available for all UII-supported applications — allow you to add guidance SmartTips on underperforming fields, without leaving the UI Intelligence app. Now you can take corrective action right when it's top of mind.

Building in-app guidance for desktop applications is now available for Mac

Last quarter we announced support for Windows-based desktop applications, now Mac is supported, too. Extend the value of your DAP program to the desktop. Build guidance to onboard new users, support your new software rollouts, highlight new capabilities, and offer step-by-step instructions to drive adoption.

Everything else you won't want to miss…

In the full release notes you'll also find information for: WYSIWYG Visual Designer expansion, and Completion of condition builder UI/UX improvements.

More Visibility

WalkMe Insights is new(ish) and improved – now in the WalkMe Console!

New year, new home, new me. Throughout 2024, we're gradually migrating WalkMe Insights into the Console, conveniently next to the other WalkMe applications you know and love. First up is the Systems Overview tab, fresh with an enhanced data model and sleek layout. Worry not, Insights “Classic” will remain available throughout the migration in its current location. Stay tuned each quarter as we add new capabilities.

Monitor exactly what matters most to you with Insights custom dashboards

Multiple systems? Mixed audiences? Different DAP content types? All in one view!? You got it. Thanks to new custom dashboards – available within Insights in the Console – the power is all yours. Now you can monitor performance of the DAP initiatives that matter most by selecting from a pre-built widget gallery and controlling the exact data you want to see.

Swiftly analyze open-ended surveys with the click of a button using AI summaries

Forget the hours and hours you've spent analyzing open-ended survey responses, tirelessly scraping together takeaways. Unfortunately, we don't have a time-machine, so we can't win you those prior hours back. We do have AI summaries for surveys, though. Gathering feedback on your employee onboarding process? Now you can use AI to generate key themes and insights in an instant. Just click a button, opt in, and witness the magic for yourself. (The AI's pretty good at eliminating bias, too. Just saying.)

Get full visibility of application usage, even on the desktop

The power of WalkMe Discovery is now available for desktop applications. With an active Workstation deployment, you can use WalkMe Discovery to get insight into the number of active users, usage frequency, and time spent per application. Use this information strategically to optimize costs and plan digital adoption efforts.

More Scale

Build for scale and resilience with WalkMe's new builder Assistant capabilities

Build DAP content optimally the first time, boosting performance, and reducing maintenance and support tickets. WalkMe Assistant for builders now proactively alerts you when you're building content with the wrong configuration settings applied. We'll notify you and offer to make the recommended changes, even for those tricky cross-domain iframe scenarios. Built right, content is less likely to break, and you won't need as much support. A win-win in our book.

Speaking of support, check out this game-changing addition when submitting tickets

Achieve issue resolution easier and faster than ever to keep your builds performing their best. Now builders have the ability to record their screens, audio, and logs to include on support tickets. Say goodbye to long paragraphs and back-and-forths and hello to 'wow, I'm glad that's fixed'. High five! ✋

Admins are getting some love, too. There's improved UI and a new admin role…

Introducing the new “Systems Manager” role, which allows you to grant admin rights to users at the individual WalkMe system-level. Now person A can administer your Salesforce system, and person B can administer Workday. No need to grant full account admin access to everyone. Achieve greater administrative agility, control, and security with this latest expansion.

We've also enhanced the systems management experience in the Admin Center, consolidating and improving the UX from the moment you create a new system onwards. Make sure to check it out.

Set up the new data integration to Azure Blob storage

With the addition of Azure, WalkMe now supports data integrations for the top 3 cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP). Now you can create content personalization and automation with data that's unique to your organization. Conveniently schedule recurring data syncs to import data, or export WalkMe data for use in external BI tools.

Secure your WalkMe content files in dedicated private storage

Available for an additional charge, enterprise customers with heightened security requirements can have their WalkMe html files (Shoutouts, SWTs, SmartTips, etc.) and resources (player codes, fonts, plugins, etc.) hosted privately. WalkMe will partition private buckets within its S3 environment upon request.

Everything else you won't want to miss…

In the full release notes you'll also find information for: Multi-language support for ActionBot, Console navigation infrastructure improvements, permissioning enhancements for Workstation, and Communication Center localization to Japanese.

That's not all…

(Yes, yes. Our product team sleeps. We promise.)

Early Access Programs

We're excited to continue offering early access programs this quarter, giving you the opportunity to try our latest innovative capabilities before they are released. Check out our Beta program page for more information.

AI Validation SmartTips 

Thanks to WalkMe's new AI validation for SmartTips, you can finally achieve the elusive data quality you didn't know was possible for unstructured text. Simply add a SmartTip with AI validation enabled onto any open-text field to see data quality instantly improve – For example, improving support ticket submissions to boost first-time resolution. Define simple validation criteria, and WalkMe's GenAI technology does the rest. As users supply inputs, the SmartTip will evaluate the written responses in real-time, either validating the response, or suggesting opportunities to improve.

AI Answers

Raise the [search] bar for information discovery across the enterprise and drastically improve how users find and interact with the business-critical information they seek. Connected to the data and content sources you choose, AI Answers are a new conversational search experience powered by Gen AI granting users added context and the ability to ask follow-up questions when more info is needed.

Seeing is believing. Join us for live demonstrations.

Spend time with our product team in our interactive release webinar, where you'll learn more about these exciting developments and see them in action. Plus, stick around for live Q&A.

Winter '24 Product Release Webinar: Accelerating DAP Time-to-Value

New capabilities we'll cover:

  • Transforming the way you discuss, scope, and deploy DAP initiatives with line of business owners using WalkMe's new Workflow Accelerators
  • Customizing your DAP analytics experience with custom dashboards 
  • Building for scale thanks to WalkMe Assistant's new configuration support capabilities
  • New administrative enhancements you won't want to miss

When: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT

Register Here

That's a wrap for the Winter '24 product release

All product updates are available starting today, February 20, 2024. Rest assured, your current implementation will remain unaffected by the updates until you publish again. Stay tuned for more updates next time!

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